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Help Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Travel Justly is dedicated to greening the Reform movement, from our institutions to our congregations to our daily lives.

When we travel, we fly and drive long distances, stay in hotels, and eat out more often – all activities that emit significant amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, the leading cause of climate change.

But the work of tikkun olam, repairing our world, does not just happen at home. We can help build a more just, more sustainable world by offsetting these carbon-intensive activities associated with our travel.

One hundred percent of funds collected through Travel Justly are allocated to greening and sustainability projects in Reform congregations, camps, kibbutzim, offices, and local communities. Last year, Travel Justly collected and allocated more than $10,000 to projects that reduce our carbon impact!

Installing solar panels on a congregation’s roof or breaking ground on a local vegetable garden at camp are just a few examples of how we can collectively reduce our Movement’s impact on the environment - helping to offset those times when we produce more.

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Reform Jewish Organizations Work Together to Seek Environmental Justice

Labor-Friendly Travel

"You must not oppress your neighbor." (Leviticus 19:13)

Each time we travel, we interact with myriad people and communities, seen & unseen. Countless livelihoods rely on these interactions. We can take steps to ensure that our travels have a positive impact on all people, including hotel and transportation workers.

Find fair labor travel tips here.

➢ Learn more about the Reform Movement's commitment to fair and just labor laws in our 2005 Resolution on Workers' Rights in the United States.

Travel Justly Projects
Greene Family Camp Garden
The URJ's Greene Family Camp, located in Bruceville, TX, has built a garden and eco-campus (much like Kibbutz Lotan's) which are used for sustainability education at camp each summer. More...

Kibbutz Lotan Solar Farm
Kibbutz Lotan, a Progressive Jewish Kibbutz located in Israel's Arava Valley, has built an eco-campus that is powered entirely by solar panels located on the Kibbutz grounds. More...

Wewoka Biogas Project
The Reform Movement's first allocation from our Travel Justly fund was put towards Native Energy's Wewoka, Oklahoma, Biogas Project. More...

Chai Impact Action Center
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