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On March 12, 2007, the Union for Reform Judaism’s Executive Committee overwhelmingly adopted the 2007 Resolution on the War in Iraqopposing the escalation in troops in the war in Iraq and calling on President Bush to set and announce a specific timetable for the phased withdrawal of troops. Read the press release here.

This new resolution affirms and builds upon the resolution adopted by the General Assembly at the Reform Movement’s 2005 convention and applies it to current circumstances. At the Houston Biennial in December 2005, the General Assembly overwhelmingly adopted another resolution on the War in Iraq, calling on the Bush Administration to develop a clear exit strategy, with some troop withdrawals to begin following the December 2005 elections.

Much has changed in the intervening 14 months. Given the President’s decision to escalate the number of troops in Iraq, the release of the Baker/Hamilton Report, the deteriorating situation on the ground, the destabilizing impact of the war in Iraq on the entire region, the growing economic, strategic and political costs of the war and their attendant impact on America’s ability to pursue other vital foreign and domestic priorities, and the important decisions our nations will be making in the coming months, our leadership addressed the application of our 2005 resolution at the March 12 meeting of the Union’s Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, which is comprised of 80 leaders of our Movement from congregations and affiliates of the Union.

In advance of the Executive Committee meeting, the Union circulated the proposed resolution on the war to the leaders of all member congregations and encouraged them to hold discussions with their members on the war. It also urged them to share their concerns and thoughts with the Executive Committee, and allowed individuals to submit feedback on this site.

Hundreds of responses were received from rabbis, congregational officers and individuals representing many perspectives on the issue. The responses of members of Reform congregations were shared in full with the Executive Committee. A number of recommendations and additions from both supporters and critics were incorporated into the final version of the resolution.

The Executive Committee overwhelmingly adopted the resolution, which opposes the escalation in troops in the war in Iraq and calls on President Bush to set and announce a specific timetable for the phased withdrawal of troops. The Union remains the only major North American Jewish organization to speak out against the war.

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