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The following page is out of date and is no longer maintained. We've kept it here for posterity, but if you'd like more up to date information, please search our site or email us.

Friday - Medicare
Washington Times. April 25 2008.
The Official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare.
Washington Post. April 29 2008.
LA Times. April 19 2008.
New York Times. April 19 2008.
Washington Post. April 22 2008.
Thursday - Mental Health
Tuesday - Children's Health Care
Cover the Uninsured. 2008.
New York Times. April 19 2008.
The Urban Institute. March 2008. PDF.
Monday - Health Care in New Orleans
Executive Summary – PDF. Kaiser Family Foundation. July 2007. (Visit to read the full report)
USA Today. March 4, 2008
Washington Post. November 25, 2005. (Although 2 ½ years old, this article outlines infrastructure issues with which New Orleans is still struggling, and is best read in concert with the New York Times article below “New Orleans Recovery is Slowed by Closed Hospitals.”)
New York Times. July 24, 2007.

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