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On November 4th, Floridians will vote on Amendment 2, the so-called “Florida Marriage Protection Amendment.”  This dangerous amendment would write discrimination into Florida’s constitution, preventing same-sex couples from obtaining the same rights and benefits as heterosexual couples.

As you prepare to vote on Amendment 2, the Religious Action Center has created a series of helpful resources found on this website.

If you have any questions regarding the amendment or the information packet, feel free to contact Legislative Assistant, Jason Fenster.

More Information
Learn all the basics of this dangerous initiative, including how it’s worded, what it would do and who’s behind it.
What does Reform Judaism say about same-sex marriage? These quick bullet points highlight the main Jewish arguments in favor of marriage equality.
The Reform Jewish Movement has long supported equal rights for GLBT individuals. Read up on the Union for Reform Judaism’s and the Central Conference of American Rabbis’ multiple resolutions in favor of equality.
Make your voice heard by modifying this sample opinion editorial and then sending it in to your local newspaper to encourage others to oppose this initiative.
This 2006 sermon from Rabbi David Ellenson can be used as a guideline in creating a sermon of your own that discusses the importance of marriage equality and providing civil rights to GLBT individuals.
Find out who to contact to get involved in defeating this dangerous anti-equality initiative.
Quick and easy bullet points outline the primary reasons that we, as both Jews and as Americans, should oppose this anti-equality initiative.
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