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Support Jewish Military Personnel & their Families

  • The Brave: A Listserv for Families with Members in the Military
    The United Synagogue's listserv for families of Jewish active military supports our servicemen and women and provides a place for family members to feel connected to others who understand this unique challenge.

    Prayers for Soldiers & Those Being Called to Active Service

    Congregational worship can also be a primary source of support to those who are serving in the armed forces and their families.

  • Support Our Soldiers
    The Jewish War Veterans accept donations and ask for names of troops to whom packages should be sent.

  • JWB Jewish Chaplains Council
    This project collects donations for holiday packages and materials to be distributed to Jewish military personnel and collects names of Jewish soldiers to be package recipients. JWB's Pesach Project provides difficult-to-obtain Kosher-for-Passover foods for Jewish troops.

  • Jews in Green
    This site provides resources and support to Jewish service members, their families and their bases.

Support U.S. Troops

  • Adopt-A-US-Soldier allows individuals and groups to adopt soldiers for short or long-term periods by sending them care packages. Visit our project page for Adopt a US Soldier for tips on how to get involved.

  • Operation USO Care Package compiles care packages to be distributed at “send-off celebrations” and to troops returning to overseas locations after periods of rest and recuperation.

  • Books for Soldiers: Help fill serviceperson personalized requests for specific books, cds, movies and more.

  • Any Soldier shows support for all branches of the armed services serving abroad by sending care packages.

  • Treat Any Soldier supplies a variety of ready-made care packages that can be purchased and sent to troops.  

  • Operation Helmet provides helmet upgrade kits free of charge to troops abroad and to those ordered to deploy in the near future.

Support Israeli Defense Forces Troops

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