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Efforts to combat trafficking require new approaches to crime, poverty, migration, labor, mental health, and law enforcement. Moreover, anti-trafficking policy must be directed at countries of origin, transit, and destination to be effective.
Each year, more than two million women and children are victimized from sexual trafficking. Legislation pending in Congress would define "sex trafficking" as the purchase, sale, recruitment, harboring, transportation, transfer, or receipt of a person for the purposes of a commercial sex act.
Maimonides, one of the greatest rabbinic voices of our tradition, spoke on the utter importance of helping and freeing those enslaved in a lifestyle that is beyond their control.
Human rights are in peril around the world and here in our own back yard. December 12-13 marks the anniversary of the United Nations’ passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Join Jewish groups in bringing light to these issues by holding a Human Rights Shabbat on that weekend or any other weekend of your choosing.
Passover & Human Trafficking

Incorporate action on human trafficking into your Passover seder with Invisible: A Social Justice Haggadah on modern day slavery.


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To learn more, contact Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Rachel Chung at (202) 387-2800 or visit the following websites:

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