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The Torah emphasizes the importance of fairness to workers.
Since the advent of labor unions, many American workers have had a voice in the terms of their own employment. Unionization has brought real benefits to hard-working Americans in addition to the dignity that comes with workers negotiating as equals with their employers.
Too many companies embark on a campaign of intimidation, speech restriction, and even calculated firings when their workers show signs of organizing.


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Ethical Practices for Domestic Workers

An Action Guide to Ensure Ethical Practices in Employing Domestic Workers
Domestic workers are indispensable to the American economy. America's families - including members of Reform congregations - depend on services provided by cleaning personnel, nannies, yard workers, and elder care workers. Domestic workers are common in American society.

Yet, there are few laws governing their treatment and limited resources to assist families wrestling with the ethical issues that frequently arise around the employment of these workers. Jewish tradition and values can provide that ethical foundation and guidance. Download our newest issue packet and find out what you and your congregation can do to learn about and assist domestic workers.

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