December 19, 2014 · 27 Kislev

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The issue of civil and religious rights for non-Orthodox Jews in Israel is one of the most important issues facing Progressive Judaism worldwide.
The religious pluralism issue which has received the most attention is the so-called "conversion crisis." The crisis began in November 1996 with a Supreme Court case which considered recognizing non-Orthodox conversions in Israel. The Orthodox community responded by introducing a bill in the Knesset that would legally prevent the recognition of all conversions performed by non-Orthodox rabbis whether performed in Israel or the Diaspora.
Following the First International Jewish Feminist Conference in Jerusalem in December 1988, a group of women began gathering at the Kotel to pray together on Rosh Hodesh. The ultra-Orthodox responded by physically and verbally attacking the women, forcing the women to ask the courts for protection. Sixteen years later, Women of the Wall is still fighting the same battle, slowly gaining ground in the fight to pray with Torah and tallitot (prayer shawls), to sing, and to pray together at the Kotel.
URJ and CCAR Resolutions on Religious Pluralism

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