November 24, 2014 · 2 Kislev

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Wander No More
Wander No More

We are excited to announce another victory for our Wander No More initiative! Reform CA has successfully worked to ensure that the state legislature invested significant cap-and-trade funding to build affordable homes near public transit, reducing greenhouse gases in California.

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What is the California you dream of? We want to hear from you! Tell us what progress you hope to see in our state on the social justice front, or tell us what inspired you to get involved! Share on social media or submit to us by email, and we'll feature your responses here!

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What Is Reform CA?

Reform CA is a joint campaign of California Reform Movement to act powerfully together for justice in our state. As a project of the all the social justice initiatives of the Reform Movement (the Peace and Justice Committee of the CCAR, the Religious Action Center, and Just Congregations) we feel called to come together as a Movement to play a role in repairing the California dream. We join with one another to address systemic issues of injustice that hurt our families and our brothers and sisters across lines of race, class, and faith.

Justice has been at the foundation of our Movement since its inception, and we proudly stand on the shoulders of the giants of justice who came before us. Acting together, we are partners to one another, as we seek to build a California that is just, compassionate, thriving, and inspiring. Join our email list today!

Victory for the TRUST Act!

What is the TRUST Act?
In 2013, we sought compassionate and fair laws for our immigrant brothers and sisters who call California home. The TRUST Act, which passed in October 2013, will strengthen and protect the relationship between California's undocumented immigrant community and law enforcement, creating more secure communities. Learn more about the TRUST Act.

Reform Clergy: Read Our Official Letter to the Governor

More than 100 Reform rabbis and cantors throughout California signed our letter to Governor Jerry Brown. This letter was hand-delivered to the Governor during our advocacy visits in September.

Tools and Resources

- Graphics for spreading the word on social media
- "Give Life to the TRUST Act" Challenge Guide and Talking Points
- Shavuot - The Book of Ruth as a Story of Immigration - Instructor Text Guide/Handout
- Pesach - Seder Supplements
- "What is the TRUST Act?" Handout
- "About Reform CA" Sample Handout

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