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Let’s Make Background Checks on Guns Universal

Fresh Updates from RAC » Gun Violence Prevention   |   Aug 6, 2014 12:00 AM
With seemingly near constant news headlines of mass shootings and other acts of gun violence, debate on prevention measures for public safety is critical. The issue of whether universal background checks should be required for all firearm purchases is a possible solution to decrease some of these disturbing statistics: One in three people in the […]

Protecting Domestic Violence Victims from Guns

Fresh Updates from RAC » Gun Violence Prevention   |   Jul 30, 2014 12:00 AM
This morning the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing called VAWA Next Steps: Protecting Women from Gun Violence. Greater attention paid to the intersection between gun violence and domestic violence will hopefully lead to better protections for women from domestic violence, and help end the scourge of gun violence in our country. Some statistics from […]

A Gun Violence Prevention Update

Fresh Updates from RAC » Gun Violence Prevention   |   Jul 17, 2014 12:00 AM
Since last writing on gun violence prevention , the United States has seen more tragic reminders of gun violence in America. However, there have been  many positive developments. Here are the biggest stories from the last two weeks: The Massachusetts Senate plans to vote on a bill this week to improve its gun violence prevention laws. […]

It is imperative that Congress expand background checks to cover all commercial sales, including gun shows and classifieds.
Jewish tradition emphasizes the sanctity and primary value of human life.
Common sense gun control legislation has not passed since 1994 when the Brady Act mandated a five-day waiting period on most handgun purchases.

For More Information

To learn more, contact Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Howie Levine or visit the following websites:

Brady Campaign
Chaired by Sarah Brady; up-to-date website with information about gun control efforts on the national and state levels.
(202) 898-0792

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
A leading gun control organization; current and thorough website with news, statistics, and ratings of your elected representatives on gun control issues.
(202) 530-0340

Violence Policy Center
Leading think-tank on guns, gun manufacturing, gun control legislation, gun litigation, & more.
(202) 882-8200

Updated March 2014

Programs on Gun Control

Anti-Gun Violence Coalition

Series of events about gun violence in advance of a local NRA convention.

ASK: Asking Saves Kids

Initiative to educate community about issues of gun control, safety measures and awareness.

Interfaith Initiative Against Gun Violence

The synagogue worked with other inter-faith religious groups to educate and speak out about gun control.
Chai Impact Action Center
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