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For the Sake of the Children:
A Synagogue Guide to Public School Partnerships

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At the 2001 Union Biennial, Rabbi Eric Yoffie called upon Reform Jews to make public education a priority for the Movement. We have done that in a variety of forums, from the public policy arena to the social service sector. See, for example, the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism web page "Protecting the Wall, Supporting Our Schools; The Reform Movement's Campaign for Public Education."

This manual is the latest of these initiatives designed to enable our synagogues to address the vital concerns faced by public schools in their communities. By creating partnerships with their local public schools, Reform congregations will embody both the ideals of our Jewish tradition and the civic values that have strengthened our nation. Through such projects congregations will build new bridges within communities and ensure local children a strong educational foundation. We must do it for the sake of the children.

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