December 21, 2014 · 29 Kislev

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The Genetic Information Non Discrimination Act, passed in 2008, prohibits discrimination based on genetic information by insurance companies and employers.
Organ donation is a matter of life and death for 70,000 Americans waiting to receive transplants. Sadly, there are not enough organs to supply the number of people waiting. Current U.S. policy distributes organs regionally, first to those who need them most urgently, then to those with illnesses less serious. Only if no organ recipient (regardless of the urgency of the transplant) is found in the region, is the organ made available to patients elsewhere in the nation.
Genetic engineering of foods involves the insertion of genes from plants, bacteria, insects, fish, animals or humans into the DNA of another plant, fish, or animal to create a new variety. As much as 70 % of processed food found in American supermarkets — including infant formula, corn chips, margarine, ice cream and ready-made meals — contain genetically engineered ingredients.
Euthanasia is the act of facilitating death either through active measures of by the passive cessation of treatment that keeps patients alive.
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