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The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism has created a powerful new way for those concerned with issues of social justice to effectively participate in political decision making!  

The RAC's Cell Phone Advocacy Network (CAN) is designed to provide an immediate and organized grassroots response to vital legislation as it reaches a crucial stage in the legislative process. Network members (that's YOU) whose representatives and senators are "undecided" or important targets on a specific piece of legislation will receive a text message on their cell phone. Since you will be asked to contact your elected officials only when they are "key" votes, the Advocacy Network will maximize your impact in the political process. By becoming a Network member, you can transform information into action. You CAN make a difference!

How Often Will I Be Text Messaged?
You will be text messaged only when your Member of Congress is a key vote on urgent legislation -- an average of 6 to 10 times a year.

What Will I Be Asked To Do?
First, add your senators' and representative's office numbers to your phone book. Then, wait for a message from the RAC.  The message will ask you to call your Senator or Representative concerning key bills and urge them to vote for or against these key bills.
What If The Text Message Is Not Clear, Or I Need More Detailed Information About The Bill

You can always check the RAC website for additional information.

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In order to determine the address at which we may email legislative action alerts to your cell phone, first find the name of your wireless service provider on the list below. Your address in all cases will be your ten digit cell phone number followed by the suffix provided by your wireless provider. For example if your provider is T-mobile and your cell phone number is 202-555-5555 then your text message address is If your provider is not listed below please tell us who your service provider is and we will determine whether we can provide you with legislative alerts on your cell phone.

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