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Family Planning
Family planning and contraceptive programs ensure reproductive choice, limit the occurrence of unintended pregnancies, and save billions of dollars in pregnancy-related and newborn care costs to Medicaid.

High rates of STDs and unintended pregnancy in America have lent renewed urgency to the need to provide high-quality family planning services to all men and women. Family planning refers to the reproductive health care information and preventative care necessary to allow individuals the ability to plan and space pregnancies and live healthy lives. These services foster reproductive health and reduce unintended pregnancy.

While family planning services may be available to many Americans through their primary care physicians, low-income, uninsured, or underinsured individuals often rely on dedicated family planning providers for access to routine and emergency contraceptives, obstetric and gynecological care, and information about family planning. These providers are funded in large part by the federal government through “Title X” family planning programs. However, Title X programs are chronically under-funded. Given the numerous benefits of these programs, we must make a strong commitment to full federal funding of Title X.

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