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Over 700 Rabbis Declare Support for the President's Veto

"We believe that religious matters are best left to religious communities, not politicians."

September 15, 1998

The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism and the National Council of Jewish Women worked together to obtain over 700 signatures from rabbis across the nation in support of President Clinton's veto of the so-called "partial birth abortion" ban. On the eve of an expected attempt to override the President's veto, and with the Christian Coalition expected to come to Washington this weekend, rabbis from 44 states and a broad spectrum of the American Jewish Community sent a letter, emphasizing their firm commitment to a woman's right to choose.

The letter highlights the rabbis' belief that "Abortion is a deeply personal issue. Women are capable of making moral decisions, often in consultation with their clergy, families and physicians, on whether or not to have an abortion."

The letter, which was signed by rabbis from the Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist movements, expresses concern about vague and non-medical language which makes it "very difficult for anyone, whether clergy or physician, to be certain about which medical procedures would be banned."

Click here for full text of the letter signed by over 700 Rabbis, with the list of signatories.

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