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Reform Jewish Movement Launches Web Site for Mid-East Peace and Justice Initiative

Contacts: Rachel Glast (202) 387-2800
Emily Grotta (212) 650-4000

New York, May 18, 2001-The Reform Jewish Movement announced the launch of a Web site dedicated to educating and mobilizing North American Jewry to support peace efforts and social justice causes in Israel. The Web site operates under the auspices of Seeking Peace, Pursuing Justice, the Reform Movement's campaign for peace and justice in Israel. Project Director Esther Lederman will oversee the Web site.

"Our goal is to provide educational materials and program resources for synagogues, educators, rabbis, youth groups, and communities to use at the local level in order to engage and educate the American Jewish community on the critical issues Israel faces today. The Web site,, will assist us in reaching out to our congregations, our rabbis, and our leadership across North America," said Isabel P. Dunst, Chair.

Seeking Peace, Pursuing Justice is a Reform Movement campaign to encourage the North American Jewish community to examine the risk and rewards of peace for Israel and the Palestinians, and to undertake critical, constructive public dialogue on the most pressing social issues facing Israel today-including the status of Arab citizens of Israel and other minorities, as well as other issues of inequality and discrimination. This initiative was made possible in part by a generous three-year grant from the Ford Foundation.

The UAHC, in cooperation with the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC), ARZA/WORLD UNION North America, and the Israel Religious Action Center oversee Seeking Peace, Pursuing Justice. Other UAHC affiliate organizations - including Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ), North American Federation of Temple Brotherhoods (NFTB), North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY), National Association of Temple Educators (NATE) and American Conference of Cantors also play a role. will include the following sections and resources:

  • Relevant and Important News Articles
  • Tools for Political Advocacy on issues affecting Israel and the Mid-East peace process
  • Resources for Congregational Programs
  • Resources for Programs in Israel that address peace and social justice issues
  • Program Ideas
  • Bi-Weekly Seeking Peace Bulletin on news and updates from activities in Israel
  • Publications
  • News and Information about peace and social justice activities in Israel
  • Links to Mainstream, Jewish, Israeli, and Arab media sources
  • Links to Peace and Social Justice Organizations in Israel


The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism is the Washington office of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (UAHC), whose 900 congregations across North America encompass 1.5 million Reform Jews, and the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) whose membership includes over 1700 Reform rabbis.

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