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An Open Letter to President Bush and Congress from America's Clergy

April 24, 2001

Dear President Bush and Members of the U.S. Congress:

We welcome the goal of empowering communities of faith to work effectively with government and other civic institutions. As leaders from traditions representing the diversity and breadth of the religious landscape in our nation today, we affirm the critical role of faith as a source of healing in our society. Whether by commandment from Holy Scriptures or lessons from prophets and messengers, we share a calling to care for those who are suffering, to help those who have been left behind and to embrace those who have been forgotten.

It is out of our commitment to the success of such faith-based enterprises that we are writing today to express our serious reservations about the provisions commonly referred to as "Charitable Choice" in the Administration's Faith-Based Initiative. The "Charitable Choice" proposals would inject government dollars and bureaucratic oversight directly into houses of worship and other pervasively religious organizations. We believe this portion of the Faith-Based Initiative poses numerous dangers to both religion and government.

These provisions would entangle religion and government in an unprecedented and perilous way. The flow of government dollars and the accountability for how those funds are used will inevitably undermine the independence and integrity of houses of worship. Allowing government officials to pick and choose among religions for limited government funds will foster an unhealthy competition between religions and could lead to an insidious form of political abuse. Exempting government-funded religious institutions from employment laws banning discrimination on the basis of religion weakens our nation's civil rights protections for those seeking to provide assistance to those in need.

Such new legislation is not necessary. For decades many houses of worship have set up separate religiously affiliated institutions to perform government-funded social services, a system that has protected both the autonomy of houses of worship and the integrity of government programs.

Partnerships between religion and government must be undertaken with great caution so as not to undermine the very integrity and freedom that allows both the followers and the institutions of religion to practice and keep faith in our nation.

We urge you to protect the sacred role of religion in our nation by rejecting this avenue of infusing government funds into America's religious institutions.


Dr. Gary L. Abbott Sr. First Baptist Church, Milledgeville, GA

Rabbi Joel N. Abraham, Plainfield, NJ

Rabbi Arthur Abrams, Temple Beth Shalom, Sun City, AZ

Rev. Amos Acree Jr. Network of Religious Communities, East Aurora, NY

Rev. Marjorie Adams, First Unitarian Church, Austin, TX

Rev. L.T. "Red" Adams, First Unitarian Church, Austin, TX

Rev. Lesley M. Adams, St. Johns Chapel, Geneva, NY

Dr. Charles G. Adams, Pastor, Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, Detroit, MI

James R. Adams, President, The Center for Progressive Christianity, Cambridge, MA

Rabbi David Adelson, East End Temple, New York, NY

Rev. Dr. David W. Adkins, Starling Avenue Baptist Church, Martinsville, VA

Rabbi Richard D. Agler, Congregation B'nai Israel of Boca Raton, Boca Raton, FL

Rabbi Daniel S. Alexander, Congregation Beth Israel, Charlottesville, VA

Rev. Denise M. Allen, Temple of Isis, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Daniel R. Allen, President, Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel, New York, NY

Rev. George P. Aloser, Roman Catholic, Novi, MI

Rabbi Rebecca Alpert, Member, Mishkan Shalom, Philadelphia, PA

Rev. Dr. David A. Ames, Episcopalian, Providence, RI

Rev. Ron J. Anderson, Morningstar Community Church, Worcester, MA

Dr. Fred W. Andrea III, First Baptist Church, Aiken, SC

Rev. A.F. Archer, Priest, St. George Eastern Orthodox Church, Pharr, TX

Rev. Charles W. Archibald, Albuquerque (U.U.C.), Durango, CO

Rabbi Melanie Aron, Congregation Shir Hadash, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Haim Asa, Temple Beth Tikvah of Northern Orange Co. Fullerton, CA

Dr. H. Mark Ashworth, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Monticello, FL

Rev. Jay Atkinson, Unitarian Universalist Church, Studio City, CA

Dr. Dennis R. Atwood, Webster Groves Baptist Church, St. Louis, MO

Rev. Jack Averill, First Baptist Church, Olean, NY

Rev. David Bahr, Archwood United Church of Christ, Cleveland, OH

Dr. Raymond Bailey, Seventh and James Baptist Church, Waco, TX

Rev. Marcia B. Bailey, Central Baptist Church, Wayne, PA

Rev, Steven Baines, Baptist, Washington, D.C.

Rabbi Kerry Baker, Congregation Kol Halev, Austin, TX

Dr. Robert C. Balance, Heritage Baptist Church, Cartersville, GA

Rev. David T. Ball, PhD, Denison University, Granville, OH

Rev. William E. Ballard, United Methodist Church, Eagle Grove, IA

Dean Isam E. Ballenger, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, Richmond, VA

Rev. D. Mark Bariaon, Central Presbyterian, Louisville, KY

Rabbi Stephen F. Barrack, Temple Beth Shalom,

Pastor Michael Barron, Eastern Oklahoma Presbyterian Church (USA), Broken Arrow, OK

Rev. S. John Bartley, St. John Baptist Church, Atlanta,GA

Dr. John Mark Batchelor, White Oak Baptist Church, Clayton, NC

Dr. Dennis N. Bazemore, First Baptist Church, Wallace, NC

Rabbi Brian K. Beal, Temple Shaari Emeth, Manalapan, NJ

Rev. Brent Beasley, First Baptist Church, Eagle Lake, TX

Rev. Paul Beckel, Southwest Unitarian Universalist Church, Strongsville, OH

Rev. Dr.RandolphW.B. Becker, Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists, Williamsburg, VA

Rev. Jody Anne Becker, St. Anselm Church, Ross, CA

Rabbi Shelley Kovar Becker, Temple Hesed, Scranton, PA

Rabbi Marc J. Belgrad, Congregation Beth Am, Buffalo Grove, IL

Rev. Dr. Mark L. Belletini, First Unitarian Universalist Church, Columbus, OH

Rev. Bonnie L. Benda, Canaeron United Methodist Church, Denver, CO

Rabbi James M. Bennett, Temple Beth El, Charlotte, NC

Dr. Candace R. Benyei, Teaching Elder, The Congregation of the Way, Redding, CT

Rabbi Peter S. Berg, Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX

Rabbi Michael Berk, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, San Francisco, CA

Rabbi William C. Berk, Temple Chai, Phoenix, AZ

Rabbi H. Phillip Berkowitz, Temple Beth Or, Washington Twp, NJ

Rabbi Marc E. Berkson, Congregation Emanu-El B'ne Jeshurun, Milwaukee, WI

Rabbi Donald R. Berlin, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Washington, DC

Rev. Dr. Larry Bethune, University Baptist Church, Austin, TX

Rabbi Jonathan Biatch, Beth El Hebrew Congregation, Alexandria, VA

Rev. Leonard B. Bjorkman, PhD, Presbyterian Church (USA), Syracuse, NY

Rev. Lee Blackburn, Chaplain, United Church of Christ, Kansas City, KS

Rev. Elaine L. Blanchard, 6th Avenue United Church (United Church of Christ), Denver, CO

Dr. Michael Bledsoe, Riverside Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

Rabbi Barry H. Block, Temple Beth-El, San Antonio, TX

Rev. Whitney S. Bodman, UIA, Franklin, MA

Rev. Dr. Jack H. Boelens, Presbytery of the New Covenant, Houston, TX

Rev. Richard Bolin, La Canada United Methodist Church, La Canada, CA

Pastor Bruce M. Bowen, Colesville Presbyterian Church, Silver Spring, MD

Rabbi Bradd, H. Boxman, United Jewish Center, Danbury, CT

Rev. David Boyd, St. Michael the Archangelv Episcopal Church, Lexington, KY

Rev. John H. Brand, N.Texas Conference, United Methodist Church, Austin, TX

Rev. Morris H. Bratton, United Methodist Church, Kingsland,TX

Rev. Dr. G. Stanford Bratton, Network of Religious Communities, Buffalo, NY

Rev. F. David Breckenridge, Rolling Hills Baptist Church, Fayetteville, AR

Rev. T. Edwards Breed, St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

Dr. Luther G. Brewer, Greenwood Forest Baptist Church, Cary, NC

Rev. Ken Brooker-Langston, Disciples of Christ, Annapolis, MD

Rabbi Jerald M. Brown, Temple Ahavat Shalom, Northridge, CA

Very Rev. Donald G. Brown, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Sacramento, CA

Pastor Dean Brown, St. John's UMC, Sebring, FL

Rev. Stephen L. Brown, Church of the Nazarene, San Bruno, CA

Dr. W. Steven Brown, First Baptist Church, Walterboro, SC

Rev. Martha Brown, Associate Minister, Henson Valley Christian Church, Fort Washington, MD

Rev. Hugh E. Brown III, Episcopal Priest, Protestant Chaplain, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Rev. Michael W. Brown, Unitarian Universalist, Peoria, IL

Rev. Anne Broyles, Malibu United Methodist Church, Malibu, CA

Rev. Daniel Budd, First Unitarian Church, Cleveland, OH

Rev. Kenneth E. Burke Jr. Pastor, East Washington Heights Baptist Church, Washington, DC

Rev. John P. Burns, University Baptist Church, College Park, MD

Dr. Michael J. Burr, Community Church of Issaquah, Issaquah, WA

Rabbi Marcus L. Burstein, Temple Rodef Shalom, Falls Church, VA

Rev. Franklyn Busby, D.Mus, Washington Plaza Baptist Church, Reston, VA

Rabbi John L. Bush, Temple Anshe Hesed, Erie, PA

Rev. Sally Bystroff, Third Presbyterian Church, Troy, NY

Rev. Mark S. Caldwell, PhD, Baptist, Nashville, TN

Rabbi Paul D. Caplan, Temple Anshe Sholom, Olympia Fields, IL

Rev. Joseph G. Carey, Faith Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, FL

Rev. Barbara Carlson, (U.U.C.), Bloomington, IN

Rev. Robert W. Carlson, D.Min. Chair, Episcopalian, Silver Spring, MD

Rev. Tracy A. Carol, Community Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Camdenton, Missouri

Rabbi Kenneth Carr, Congregation Beth Am, Los Altos Hills, CA

Rev. Charles C. Carrimore Jr., Roberdel Baptist Church, Rockingham, NC

Rev. Colleen Carrol, Community Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Camdenton, MO

Dr. Cornelius Carter Jr., Canaan Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

Rev. Gary L. Carver, First Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN

Rev. Michael D. Castle, Cross Creek Community Church, Dayton, OH

Rev. Ignacio Castuera, United Methodist, Pacific Palisades, CA

Rev. Michael Catalano, Unity of the Hills, Branson, MO

Rev. Donna M. Cavedon, United Church of Christ, Hanover, NH

Rev. Eunice I. Chalfant, Celebration of Life Church (United Church of Religious Science), Kettering, OH

Dr. David, P. Chandler, Chair of Adult Ministries, Downy United Methodist Church, Downey, CA

Rev. Gary L. Chapman, PhD, (U.C.C), Burlington, IO

Rabbi Joshua Chasan, Ohavi Zedek Synagogue, Burlington, VT

Rev. Larry Chesser, Baptist, Burke, VA

Rev. Barbara Child, Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa, Tampa, FL

Pastor, Dennis Christiansen, First Baptist Church, Clifton Springs, NY

Rev. Linda Morgan Clark, United Methodist, Muskogee, OK

Rev. Mark M. Clinger, First Baptist Church, Madison, WI

Rabbi David B. Cohen, Congregation Sinai, Milwaukee, WI

Rabbi Kathy S. Cohen, Roanoke, VA

Rabbi Paul F. Cohen, Temple Jeremiah, Northfield, IL

Rabbi Hillel Cohn, Congregation Emanu El, San Bernadino, CA

Rabbi Edward Cohn, Temple Sinai, New Orleans, LA

Rabbi Holly Cohn, Congregation Kol Am, Ballwin, MO

Rev. Donald R. Cole, Salem Baptist Church, Brandenburg, KY

Rev. Lawrence B. Coleman, Churchland Baptist Church, Chesapeake, VA

Rev. Don Coleman, Pastor, University Church, Chicago, IL

Rev. Ann Marie Coleman, Pastor, University Church, Chicago, IL

Rev. Jacqueline Collins, Unitarian Church, Charleston, SC

Rev. Thomas H. Collins, Blackstone Baptist Church, Blackstone, VA

Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels, Beth Shir Shalom, Santa Monica, CA

Rabbi Ernest J. Conrad, Temple Kol Ami, West Bloomfield, MI

Rev. Rollin A. Conway, PhD, United Methodist, Bay Village, OK

Pastor Ronald L. Cook, First Baptist Church, Brownwood, TX

Rev. Harry T. Cook, Rector, St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Clawson, MI

Rev. Dennis Coon, Trinity United Methodist Church, Des Moines, IO

Rev. Robert D. Cooper, United Methodist, Dallas, TX

Rev. Judith M. Coplen, Presbyterian Church (USA), Fayetteville, AR

Rev. Forest Cornelius, PhD, American Baptist Churches, USA, Waterloo, IA

Rev. Lew B. Cort, Liberty Baptist Church, Springfield, MO

Rabbi Laurie Coskey, Poway, CA

Rev. Ragan Courtney, Terrytown Baptist Church, Austin, TX

Rev. Cynthia Clawson, Courtney, Terrytown Baptist Church, Austin, TX

Rev. Sam Cox, UMC, Kailua, Hawaii

Pastor Susan Halcomb Craig, United University Church, Los Angeles, CA

Rev. Katie Lee Crane, First Parish of Sudbury, Sudbury, MA

Dr. Kent Cranford, First Baptist Church, Commerce, GA

Dr. Marion Crayton, Ebenezer A.M.E. Church, Fort Washington, MD

Rev. Jimmy Creech, Methodist, Raleigh, NC

Anna Lee Crockett, Retired Minister, Aspen Hill Christian Church, Silver Spring, MD

Dr. Jesse J. Croom, First Baptist Church of Ahoskie, Ahoskie, NC

Rev. Vaughn Crowetipton, Auburn First Baptist Church, Auburn, AL

Rev. Dr. Steve J. Crump, Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, LA

Sister Mary Ann Cunningham, S.L. National Coalition of American Nuns, Denver, CO

Rev. Andrew B. Currier, First Baptist Church, Overland Park, KS

Rev. Bryant Currier, First Baptist Church, Waverly, KS

Rev. Thomas H. Cusick, St. Anthony Catholic Church, Belleville, MI

Rev. Peg Custer, St. Andrew's-in-the-Valley Episcopal Church, Tamworth, NH

Rev. Ben F. Dake, First Presbyterian Church, Cottage Grove, OR

Rev. Paul E. Dakin, Warrenton Baptist Church, Warrenton, VA

Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale, Executive Director, Christian Association at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Rev. Gary Dalton, Belmont Baptist Church, Charlottesville, VA

Pastor Jim Dammon, First Baptist Church, Port Arthur, TX

Dr. C. Mackey Daniels, President, Progressive National Baptist Convention, Washington, D.C.

Rev. James G. Daniely, United Campus Ministry, Petersburg, VA

Rabbi Dan Danson, Mt. Sinai Congregation, Wausau, WI

Rev. Nancy Darnell, First Baptist Church, Boulder, CO

Rev. Barbara Davenport, Skagit Unitarian Fellowship, Mt. Vernon, WA

Denise Taft Davidoff, Moderator, Unitarian Universalist Association, Boston, MA

Rev. Larry E. Davis, Third Baptist Church, St. Louis, MO

Dr. W. Robert DeFoor, Harrodsburg Baptist Church, Harrodsburg, KY

Rev. Linda, DeLaine, Riverside Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

Rev. Gregory Dell, Broadway United Methodist Church, Chicago, IL

Rev. John D. Dennis, First Presbyterian Church, Corvallis, OR

Rev. Hance Dilbeck, First Baptist Church, Ponca City, OK

Rabbi Lucy H.F. Dinner, Temple Beth Or, Raleigh, NC

Dr. Larry K. Dipboye, First Baptist Church, Oak Ridge, TN

Rev. Noel J. Doherty, St. Dunston's Episcopal Church, Tulsa, OK

Rev. Daniel O. Donmoyer, St. Paul (Lebanon) Lutheran Church of Felton (ELCA), Felton, PA

Rev. Judith Downing, Unitarian Universalist, Fairhaven, MA

Rabbi William Dreskin, Woodlands Community Temple, White Plains, NY

Rev. Dr. Tom F. Driver, The Paul J. Tillich Professor of Theology and Culture Emeritus, Union Theological Seminary, New York, NY

Rev. Renee DuBose, Our Hope Metropolitan Community Church, Athens, GA

Rev. Michael R. Duncan, Eminence Baptist Church, Eminence, KY

Rev. Karen N. Dungan, Osage First United Methodist, Osage, IA

Rev. Dee Dunn, Judson Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN

Dr. James M. Dunn, Wake Forest University Divinity School, Winston-Salem, NC

Rabbi Elizabeth Dunsker, Congregation Beth Israel, Austin, TX

Rev. Jane Dwinell, Unitarian Universalist, Derby Line, VT

Rev. David W. Dyson, Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, NY

Rev. Mary Earle, Episocpal, San Antonio, TX

Rev. Stan Easty, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Sunbury, NC

Rabbi Judith B. Edelstein, Temple Hatikvah, Flanders, NJ

Rev. Rebecca A. Edmiston-Lange, Emerson Unitarian Church, Houston, TX

Rabbi Lisa A. Edwards, Ph.D. Congregation Beth Chayim Chadashim, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Denise Eger, Congregation Kol Ami, West Hollywood, CA

Rev. Dea Lemke Eggleston, Asbury United Methodist Church, Austin, TX

Rev. Mitzi N. Eilts, National Coordinator, United Church of Christ Coalition for LGBT Concerns, Guilford, CT

Rev. Lauren D. Ekdahl, Trinity United Methodist, Lincoln, NE

Rev. Jack W. Elliott, Delmar Baptist Church, Town & Country, MO

Rev. William England, First Baptist Church, St. Paul, MN

Rev. Michael E. England, M.Div. Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Hayward, San Lorenzo, CA

Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson, South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society, Salt Lake City, UT

Rev. Paul Eppinger, Arizona Ecumenical Council, Phoenix, AZ

Rev. Karen R. Erskine, Creative Spirit Lutheran Parish, Aaronsburg, PA

Rabbi S. Joan Glazer, Farber, Greenwich Reform Synagogue, Greenwich, CT

Rev. Dr. Ronald L. Farmer, The Wallace All Faiths Chapel, Chapman University, Orange, CA

Rev. Dr. David Albert Farmer, Silverside Church, Wilmington, DE

Rev. Thomas P. Farrel, Newmen Center at the Univ. of KY, Lexington, KY

Rabbi David E. Fass, Temple Beth Shalom, New City, NY

Pandit J.P. Fedhi, Hindu Temple of Fresno, Fresno, CA

Rev. Joseph H. Feiler, Myers Park Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC

Rev. Jean A. Feiler, Myers Park Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC

Rabbi Dena A. Feingold, Beth Hillel Temple, Kenosha, WI

Rabbi Morley T. Feinstein, Temple Beth-El, South Bend, IN

Rabbi Marla J. Feldman, Detroit, MI

Dr. Robert U. Ferguson, Jr., Trinity Baptist Church, Seneca, SC

Sister Maureen Fiedler, SL, Host of "Faith Matters", Brentwood, MD

Rev. Kathy Manis Findley, Providence Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR

Dr. Larry Finger, First Baptist Church, Lavonia, GA

Rabbi Steven M. Fink, Temple Oheb Shalom, Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Arnold G. Fink, Beth El Hebrew Congregation, Alexandria, VA

Rev. Roberta Finkelstein, Unitarian Universalists of Sterling, Sterling, VA

Rev. W.W. Finlator, Pastor Emeritus, Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC

Rev. Wendy Fish, First Unitarian Universalist Church, Columbus, OH

Rabbi Adam D. Fisher, Temple Isaiah, Stony Brook, NY

George H. Fisher, Coordinator, United Church of Christ Coaliton, Miami, FL

Dr. Ronald B. Flowers, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) , Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Don Flowers Jr. Providence Baptist Church, Charleston, SC

Rabbi Steven Folberg, Congregation Beth Israel, Austin, TX

Rev. Luise,Forseth, Judson Memorial Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN

Rev. Lucy Forster-Smith, Chaplain (Presbyterian), Macalester College, St. Paul, MN

Rev. Nick Foster, University Baptist Church, Montevallo, AL

Rev. Anne Carroll Fowler, St. John's Episcopal Church, Jamaica Plain, MA

Rabbi David M. Frank, Temple Solel, Encinitas, CA

Rev. Marcia C. Free, United Church of Christ, Fresno, CA

Rabbi David Freedman, B'nai Israel Synagogue, Rochester, MN

Rabbi Allen I. Freehling, University Synagogue, Los Angeles, CA

Pastor Michael Wade Freeman, First Baptist Church, Del Rio, TX

Pastor Inga Freyer Nicholas, Michigan Avenue Baptist Church, Saginaw, MI

Pastor Ron Freyer Nicholas, Michigan Avenue Baptist Church, Saginaw, MI

Rabbi Susan Friedman, Beth Shalom of Cary North Carolina, Raleigh, NC

Rabbi John Friedman, Judea Reform Congregation, Durham, NC

Rev. Roger Fritts, Senior Minister, Cedar Lane Unitarian Church, Bethesda, MD

Cannon John Frizzel, Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA

Rev. Yoshiaki Fujitani, Buddhist, Honolulu, HI

Rev. Dean Fullerton, United Methodist, Boone, IO

Dr. Ted W. Fuson, Culpeper Baptist Church, Culpeper, VA

Rabbi Ruth Gais, Ph.D. NY Kollel, Hebrew Union College, New York, NY

Rev. Sara Galindo, Laurens First Christian Church (Dieciples of Christ), Laurens, IA

Rev. R. Lee Gallman, Jr. Ginter Park Baptist Church, Richmond, VA

Rev. Albert Gani, Church of the Path, Austin, TX

Rev. Robin Gani, Church of the Path, Austin, TX

George T. Gardner, Senior Minister, College Hill United Methodist Church, Wichita, KS

Rev. Gail R. Geisenhainer, Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church, Canoga Park, CA

Rabbi David G. Gelfand, Jewish Center of New Hampshire, East Hampton, NY

Rev. William C. George, Patterson Park Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Kim S. Geringer, Jewish, Short Hills, NJ

Rabbi Dr. Gary S. Gerson, Oak Park Temple B'Nai Abraham Zion, Oak Park, IL

Chaplain Anne Gibbons, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA

Rev. Kendyl Gibbons, PhD, The First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN

Bishop Wendell N. Gibbs, Episcopalian Diocese of Michigan, Detroit, MI

Rev. Robert Sherrill Gibson, First Baptist Church, Erwin, TN

Rev. Richard S. Gilbert, PhD, First Unitarian Church, Rochester, NY

Rabbi George D. Gittleman, Congregation Shomrei Torah, Santa Rosa, CA

Rabbi James Glasier, Washington Hebrew Congregation, Washington, DC

Dr. Clyde G. Glazener, Gambrell Street Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX

Rabbi Gary,Glickstein, Temple Beth Sholom, Miami Beach, FL

Rabbi Irwin N. Goldenberg, Temple Beth Israel, York, PA

Rabbi Mark N. Goldman, Rockdale Temple, Cincinnati, OH

Rabbi Andrea Goldstein, Congregation Shaare Emeth (Jewish Reform), St. Louis, MD

Rabbi Lisa L. Goldstein, Hillel of San Diego, San Diego, CA

Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein, Associate Director, UAHC, Pacific Southwest Region, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Jeffrey W. Goldwasser, Congregation Beth Israel, North Adams, MA

Pastor A.J. Good, Community United Church of Christ, Champaign, IL

Rabbi Robert A. Goodman, Temple Beth Shalom, Winter Haven, FL

Rabbi Maralee Gordon, Congregation Beth Shalom, DeKalb, IL

Rabbi Samuel N. Gordon, Congregation Sukkat Shalom, Wilmette, IL

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Goss, Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, St. Louis, MO

Rabbi Bruce L. Gottlieb, Sinai Temple, Michigan City, IN

Rev. Beth Graham, Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Huntington, Huntington, NY

Dr. N. Nelson Granade, Jr. First Baptist Church, North Wilkesboro, NC

Rev. Henry Green, Pastor, Heritage Baptist Church, Annapolis, MD

Rabbi Alan Greenbaum, Temple Adat Elohim, Thousand Oaks,CA

Rev. Georganne Greene, Unitarian Universalist Society of Springfield, Springfield, MA

Rev. James Greenlee, Religious Organizing Project of KY, Louisville, KY

Rev. David C. Gregg, Lake Street Church, Evanston, IL

Ellen Grigsby, Chapter Coordinator, United Church of Christ Coalition for LGBT Concerns, Albuquerque, NM

Rev. David Grimm, Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, Manhattan, KS

Rev. David Grishaw-Jones, Minister for Church and Community, First Church (UCC) in Cambridge, Cambridge, MA

Rabbi Marc Gruber, Temple Israel, Dayton, OH

Rev. Gwynne Guibord, PhD, University Fellowship of MCC, Los Angeles, CA

Rev. David Gunn, First Baptist Church, Peoria, AZ

Rabbi Eric S. Gurvis, Temple Shalom of Newton, Newton, MA

Rabbi Tom Gutherz, Agudath Sholom Congregation, Lynchburg, VA

Rabbi Jason Gwasdoff, Temple Israel, Stocton, CA

Rev. Jeffrey Haggray, Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

Rev. Graylan Scott,Hagler, Senior Minister, Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ, Washington, DC

Rev. Jimmy Hagwood, Robersonville First Baptist Church, Robersonville, NC

Rev. S. Dennis Hale (retired), Southern Baptist Convention, Notasulga, AL

Rev. Sidney G. Hall III, Trinity United Methodist Church, Austin, TX

Therisia L. Hall, Liscensed Practitioner, Religious Science, Branson, MO

Rabbi Stanley Halpern, Temple Israel, Gary, IN

Rev. L.M. Hamby, Unitarians and Universalists of Costal Georgia, St. Simons Island, GA

Rev. David B. Hammar, First Baptist Church, Fort Dodge, IA

Rev. Paul L. Hammer, PhD, The Interfaith Alliance of Rochester, Rochester, NY

Rev. Dr. Edward J. Hansen, Pastor Hollywood United Methodist Church, Hollywood, CA

Jaydee R. Hanson, General Board of Church & Society of the United Methodist Church, Washington, DC

Rev. Cedric A. Harmon , Progressive National Baptist, Washington, DC

Rev. Dr. Marni Harmony, First Unitarian Church, Orlando, FL

Rabbi Sheldon J. Harr, Jewish - Temple Kol Ami, Plantation, FL

Rev. Dr. Dale C. Harris, United Methodist, Hillsboro, OR

Rev. Mark, W. Harris, First Parish of Watertown, Watertown, MA

Rev. Linda E. Hart, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Ridgewood, NJ

Rabbi Stephen Hart, Temple Chai, Long Grove, IL

Dr. Stan Hastey, Executive Director, The Alliance of Baptists, Washington, D.C.

Rev. Barbara Haugen, Unitarian Universalist Church, Pittsfield, MA

Rev. Dr. Henry Hawkins, New Bethel Baptist, Indianapolis, IN

Rev. Paul, C. Hayes, Second Baptist Church, Suffield, CT

Dr. Henry, P. Haynes, First Baptist Church, Vinita, OK

Rev. Phil Heard, Pine Grove Baptist Church, Madison, FL

Rev. Edward K. Heininger, Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ, St. Louis, MO

Rabbi Shari Heinrich, Congregation Shalom, Milwaukee, WI

Rev. Lillie M. Henley, Unitarian Universalist Minister, Toledo, OH

Rev. Wanda M. Henry, Riverside Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

Rev. Jeffery L. Hensley, South Venice Baptist Church, Venice, FL

Rev. David Hermanson, Trinity Church (Episcopal), Asbury Park, NJ

Rev. Anne Herndon, Unitarian Universalist, Leonardtown, MD

Dr. William T. Higgins, Manassas Baptist Church, Manassas, VA

Rev. Dr. Daniel G. Higgins, Jr. Unitarian Universalists of Chester River, Chestertown, MD

Rev. Cheryl M. Hill, Highland Park Baptist Church, Austin, TX

Rev. Craig D. Hirshberg, Unitarian Universalist, Somerville, NJ

Dr. Timothy W. Hobbs, Northwoods Baptist Church, Chamblee, GA

Rev. Dr. William Chris, Hobgood, Regional Minister, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Wheaton, MD

Rev. Linda Hoddy, Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Saratoga Springs, NY

Rev. Kenneth D. Holden, Georgetown Baptist Church, Georgetown, KY

Dr. James F. Holladay, Jr. Lyndon Baptist Church, Louisville, KY

Rabbi Anthony D. Holz, Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, Charleston,SC

Rev. Melvin A. Hoover, Unitarian Universalist Association, Boston, MA

Rev. H. James Hopkins, Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, Oakland, CA

Dr. Mark E. Hopper, First Baptist Church, Bowling Green, KY

Rev. Gerard Howell, Central Baptist Church, Lexington, KY

Rev. J.R. Huddlestun, Heritage Baptist Fellowship, Canton, GA

Vice President David G. Hunt, American Baptist Churches, USA, Portland, OR

Dr. Mary E. Hunt, Director, Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual, Silver Spring, MD

Priestess, Kristin Hutchinson, Hexenhaus Church of Isis & Thor, Shawnee, KS

Dr. Randy L. Hyde, Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR

Rev. Richard E. Ice, L.H.D. American Baptist Churches USA, Alameda, CA

Rev. Kip Ingram, Twinbrook Baptist Church, Rockville, MD

Dr. William E. Ingram, Berryville Baptist Church, Berryville, VA

Rev. T. Floyd Irby, Jr. West End Baptist Church, Suffolk, VA

Rabbi Marc D. Israel, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, Washington, DC

Rabbi Lisa Izes, Temple Sinai, Rochester, NY

Rabbi Lawrence Jackofsky, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Dallas, TX

Rev. Terry C. Jackson, First Baptist Church, Arnett, OK

Rev. Leonard B. Jackson, First A.M.E. Church, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Dr. Steven L. Jacobs, Temple B'nai Sholom, Huntsville, AL

Rabbi Robert A. Jacobs, Harford Jewish Center-Temple Adas Shalom, Havre de Grace, MD

Rabbi Steven B. Jacobs, Temple Kol Tikvah, Woodland Hills, CA

Rabbi Howard L. Jaffe, Temple Isaiah, Lexington, MA

Rev. R. , Allen James, Executive Director, The Institute of Theological & Interdisciplinary Studies, Stillwater, MN

Greta K. Jensen, Interim Pastor St. Paul's United Church of Christ, Seattle, WA

Rev. Bryan D. Jessup, The Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno, Fresno, CA

Rev. Sandra D. John, Washington Plaza Baptist Church, Reston, NY

High Priestess Tamra, Johnson, Wiccan, Orlando, FL

Rev. Howard E. Johnson, Roeland Park United Methodist Church, Roeland Park, KS

Rev. Charles F. Johnson, Second Baptist Church, Lubbock, TX

Rev. Sally S. Johnson, Beacon Hill Presbyterian Church, Austin, TX

Rev. Kathryn Johnson, Methodist Federation for Social Action, Washington, DC

Rev. William Johnson, Baptist, Baltimore, MD

Rev. Dr.RockfordA. Johnson, United Methodist Church of the Shepherd, Tulsa, OK

Dr. James B. Johnson II, Williamsburg Baptist Church, Williamsburg, VA

Rev. Robert A. Jones, Reformed Church in America, Seven Lakes, NC

Rev. Bobbi Kaye Jones, Grace United Methodist Church, Corpus Christi, TX

Dr. Stephen D. Jones, First Baptist Church, Birmingham, MI

Rev. Sheree H. Jones, First Baptist Church, Aiken, SC

Rev. J. Stephen Jones, Southside Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL

Rev. Robert L. Jordan, First Baptist Church, Camp Springs, MD

Rev. Dr. Richard W. Jordan, Antioch Baptist Church, Taylorsville, NC

Rev. David M. Jordan, First Baptist Church, Rockingham, NC

Rev. Dr. Robert Mark, Jordon, First Baptist Church, Front Royal, VA

Rabbi Michael Joseph, Ohef Sholom Temple, Norfolk, VA

Rabbi Samuel K. Joseph, Jewish, Cincinnati, OH

Rabbi Bruce Kadden, Temple Beth El, Salinas, CA

Rabbi Bruce E. Kahn, Temple Shalom, Chevy Chase, MD

Rabbi Steven Kaplan, Temple Beth Torah, Fremont, CA

Rev. Robert J. Karli, First English Lutheran Church (ELCA), Austin, TX

Gail, P. Karp, Cantor, Temple Emanuel, Davenport, IA

Rabbi Peter E. Kasdan, Temple Emanu-El, Livingston, NJ

Rev. Max A. Kaser, American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. Valley Forge, PA

Rabbi Alan J. Katz, Temple Sinai, Rochester, NY

Rabbi Karyn Kedar, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Northbrook, IL

Rev. Margaret Keip, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin, San Rafael, CA

Rev. Kit Ketcham, Wy'east Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Portland, OR

Rev. David W. Key, Lake Oconce Community Church, Grennsboro, GA

Dr. Barry K. Keys, First Baptist Church, Forest City, NC

Rev. Harry C. Kiely, United Methodist Church, Silver Spring, MD

Rabbi Ralph P. Kingsley, Temple Sinai of North Miami Dade, North Miami Beach, FL

Rabbi Paul J. Kipnes, Congregation Or Ami, Calabasas, CA

Rev. Bill R. Kirton, Cameron United Methodist Church, Denver, CO

Rabbi Joseph Klein, Temple Emanu-El, Oak Park, MI

Rabbi Richard L. Klein, Temple Beth Jacob, Concord, NH

Rev. Bob Kleinheskel, M.S.W. Christ Community Church, Spring Lake, MI

Rabbi Elliott A. Kleinman, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Cleveland, OH

Rev. Albert J. Kleinsasser Jr. First Baptist Church, Winona, MN

Rabbi Peter S. Knobel, Beth Emet The Free Synagogue, Evanston, IL

Rev. Jan Vickery, Knost, First Parish in Norwell, Norwell, MA

Rev. Geoffrey Knowlton, Pastor First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Pelham, NH

Rev. Lamont M. Koerner, Luther Campus Ministry (ECLA), St. Paul, MN

Rabbi Douglas Kohn, Beth Tikvah Congregation, Hoffman Estates, IL

Rabbi Neil Kominsky, Temple Emanuel of the Merrimack Valley, Lowell, MA

Rabbi Audrey R. Korotkin, Temple Judea Mizpah, Skokie, IL

Rev. Dr. Nana Kratochvil, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Muskegon, MI

Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff, President Central Conference of American Rabbis/Senior Rabbi Temple Emanue-el West, Westfield, NJ

Rev. Keith Kron, Unitarian Universalist Association, Boston, MA

Rev. R. Courtney Krueger, First Baptist Church, Pendleton, SC

Rev. Dr. James Kubal-Komoto, Saltwater Unitarian Universalist Church, Des Moines, WA

Rabbi Harold L. Kudan, Am Shalom Congregation, Glencoe, IL

Rev. Kurt A. Kuhwald, Northwest Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta, Atlanta,GA

Rabbi Vernon Kurtz, North Suburban Synagogue Beth El, Highland Park, IL

Rev. Peter G. Laarman, Judson Memorial Church, New York, NY

Rabbi Alan Lachtmann, Temple Beth David, Temple City, CA

Minister, Freddie Lanton, Sr. Pastor Antioch Christian Church, Varnville, SC

Rev. Dr. Steven C. Larson, Lutheran, Austin, TX

Robert T. Latham, Minister, First Unitarian Church of Oakland, Oakland, CA

Edith R. Lauderdale, Warden, Church of the Atonement, Tenafly, NJ

Rabbi Alan Lavin, PhD, Temple Hillel, Niwoodmere, NY

Rabbi Martin S. Lawson, Temple Emanu-El, San Diego, CA

Pastor Raymon Leake, First Baptist Church, Meridian, MS

Rev. Sandra Gillogly, Lee, Uncompahgre Unitarian Universalist Society, Grand Junction, CO

Rabbi Robert Leib, Old York Rd. Temple, Abington, PA

Rev. Joe H. Leonard, American Baptist, Wayne, PA

Rev. Dr. Bill J. Leonard, Wake Forest University Divinity School, Winston-Salem, NC

Rabbi Richard N. Levy, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Joseph T. Lewis, Second Baptist Church, Petersburg, VA

Rabbi Laura Lieber, Temple Shalom of Fayetteville, Fayetteville, AR

Rabbi Valerie Lieber, Temple Beth Ahavath Sholom, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi David, A. Lipper, Temple Emanuel, McAllen, TX

Rev. Mr. Daniel J. Little, Deacon, Catholic Church of the Americas, St. Petersburg, FL

Rabbi Lewis C. Littman, Temple Bat Yam, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Rabbi Robert H. Loewy, Congregation Gates of Prayer, Metairie, LA

Dr. W. Randall Lolley, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Raleigh, NC

Rabbi Andrea C. London, Beth Emet The Free Synagogue, Evanston, IL

Rev. Gary Long, Westwood Baptist Church, Springfield, VA

Rabbi Scott Looper, Congregation Or Shalom, Vernon Hills, IL

Rev. M. Lynne Smouse, Lopez, Ainsworth United Church of Christ, Portland, OR

Rev. Charles Harvey Lord, Disciples of Christ, Chicago, IL

Rev. May Lord, Chicago Disciples of Christ Union, Chicago, IL

Dr. Stephen W. Lucas, Highland Park Baptist Church, Austin, TX

Rev. Canon George Luck, St. Mathew's Episcopal Cathedral, Dallas, TX

Rev. Diana N. Luck, St. Mathew's Episcopal Cathedral, Dallas, TX

Rev. Mark,J. Lukens, O.C.C. Bethany Congregational United (UCC), East Rockaway, NY

Rabbi M. Bruce, Lustig, Washington Hebrew Congregation, Washington, DC

Rev. Barry W. Lynn, United Church of Christ, McLean, VA

Rev. Dr. William P. Lytle, Madison Square Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, TX

Rev. Gene Mace, The United Methodist Church, West Peoria, IL

Sister Miriam Therese MacGillis, Catholic, Blairstown, NJ

Rabbi Avi Magid, Temple Emanu-El, Honolulu, HI

Daniel, C. Maguire, Professor of Moral Theology, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

Rev. Dennis L. Maher, Presbyterian Church USA, Peoria, IL

Rev. Daniel,J. Maiden, Victoria Congregation Church (UCC), Jamaica, NY

Dr. Jean P. Malcolm, Quaker, San Diego, CA

Rabbi Mark Mallach, Temple Beth Ahm, Springfield, NJ

Rev. C.J Malloy, Jr. First Baptist Church, Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Rev. Kerry A. Maloney, United Church of Christ, Whitman, MA

Rev. Frances H. Manly, First Unitarian Universalist Church of Niagara, Niagara Falls, NY

Rabbi Sanford T. Marcus, D.D. Tree of Life Congregation, Columbia, SC

Rabbi Janet Marder, Congregation Beth Am, Los Altos Hills, CA

Rabbi Bonnie Margulis, Reform Judaism, Springfield, VA

Rev. Gail Lindsay Marriner, First Unitarian Church, Houston, TX

Rev. Ronny Marriott, Sunset Canyon Baptist Church, Dripping Springs, TX

Rev. Anne Marsh, Co-Minister, Unitarian Universalist Church, Canton, NY

Rabbi Gregory S. Marx, Jewish, Spring House, PA

Rabbi Steven S. Mason, North Shore Congregation Israel, Glencoe, IL

Rev. Carolyn A. Mathis, First Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

Rev. Stephen L. Mathison-Bowie, Central Presbyterian Church, Eugene, OR

Rev. Walter C. May, Sr. Pastor Kingshighway Missionary BaptistChurch, Pine Bluff, AR

Rabbi Gary A. Mazo, Cape Cod Synagogue, Hyannis, MA

Rick McClatchy, Executive Minister, Cooperating Baptist Fellowship of Oklahoma, Norman,OK

Dr. Donald L. McClung, First Baptist Church, Hawkinsville, GA

Rev. Robert McCluskey, Swedenborgian Church, New York, NY

Rev. Dr. George H. McConnel, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Dayton, OH

Rev. B.L. McCormick, Baker Chapel AME, Ft. Worth, TX

Rev. Thomas L. McCracken, First Christian Church, Lexington, TX

Rev. Kevin McDonald, First Baptist Church, Hamilton, TX

Rev. Timothy McDonald, First Iconium Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA

Dr. John W. McKain, Suncrest Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK

Rev. Susan McKeegan-Guinn, Calvin-Sinclair Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

Dr. Jack McKinney, Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC

Dr. Johnny F. McKinney, Boulevard Baptist Church, Anderson, SC

Rev. Coyse David, McLemore, Second Baptist Church, Russellville, AR

Rev. Elizabeth McMaster, Unitarian Church of Los Alamos, Los Alamos, NM

Rabbi Ralph Mecklenberger, Beth - El Congregation, Fort Worth, TX

Rabbi Michele Medwin, Temple Sholom, Broomall, PA

Rabbi Bernard Mehlman, Temple Israel, Boston, MA

Rabbi Paul Menitoff, Central Conference of American Rabbis, New York, NY

Rev. Steven H. Meriwether, St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA

Rev. Deborah Mero, All Souls Church, West Brattleboro, VT

Rev. Ralph Mero, Unitarian Universalist, Framingham, MA

Rev. William Messenger, Our Savior Catholic Center, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Joseph B. Meszler, Washington Hebrew Congregation, Washington, DC

Rev. Judith M. Metzger, St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral, Buffalo, NY

Rev. Judith Meyer, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Community Church, Santa Monica, CA

Rabbi Joel Meyers, Executive Director, The Rabbinical Assembly, New York, NY

Rabbi Brian I. Michelson, Reform Congregation Oheb Sholom, Reading, PA

Rabbi Dr. Laurence Milder, Congregation Beth El, Bangor, ME

Rabbi Eric Milgrim, Temple B'nai Shalom, East Brunswick, NJ

Rev. Linda Miller, Universal Life Church, Ventura, CA

Rev. Elizabeth L. Miller, Unitarian Universalist Church of the Monterey Peninsula, Carmel, CA

Rev. James C. Miller, The First Baptist Church in America, Providence, RI

Rev. Robert I. Miller, Duarte, CA

Brother, Larry Mills, Buchanan Street Chapel, Amarillo, TX

Dr. Michael J. Mitchell, Gault Avenue Baptist Church, Fort Payne, AL

Rabbi Jack Moline, Agudas Achim Congregation, Alexandria, VA

Rev. Douglas J. Monroe, The First United Methodist Church of Reno, Reno, NV

Sonya Montana, Interim Minister, First Unitarian Universalist Church, Ann Arbor, MI

Rev. R. Patrick Moore, Lakeshore Drive Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR

Pastor Paul G. Moore, Sans Souci Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

Rev. Denis E. Moore, Senior Pastor Metropolitan Community Church, San Jose, CA

High Priestess Heather Morcroft, Coven of the Crescent Path, Orlando, FL

Rev. Judith Morris, Norfolk Unitarian Universalist Church, Norfolk, VA

Rev. Dr. B. Wayne Morris, Central Baptist Church, Lawton, OK

Rabbi Jay Moses, Temple Sholom, Chicago, IL

Rabbi Michael L. Moskowitz, Temple Shir Shalom, West Bloomfield, MI

Rev. Ralph W. Mueckenheim, United Methodist Church, Hempstead, NY

Berit S. Muh Chairman, RCRC of Northern California, San Francisco, CA

Rev. Robert W. Muise, St. Peters U.C.C. Lancaster, PA

Dr. Robert C. Mulkey, First Baptist Church, DeLand, FL

Rev. Neil Mulock, Bethel Presbyterian Church, Waterloo, IO

Dr. James Gordon, Munro, Vienna Baptist Church, Vienna, VA

Rev. Martha Murchison, Presbyterian Church (USA), Dallas, TX

Patrick Murfin, Moderator, Congregational Unitarian Church, Woodstock, IL

Rev. Joseph M. Murphy, First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Walla Walla, WA

Dr. Kenneth L. Myers, Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

Rev. Monshin Paul, Naamon, Karuna Tandai Dharma Center (Buddhist), East Chatham, NY

Rev. Silvio Nardoni, Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica, Santa Monica, CA

Rev. Rhonda G. Nash, Hull's Memorial Baptist Church, Fredericksburg, VA

Rev. Norman V. Naylor, Unitarian Universalist, Southfield, MI

Rev. John A. Nelson, United Church of Christ, Dover, MA

Dr. Robert M. Newell, Memorial Drive Baptist Church, Houston, TX

Rev. Mark A. Newton, Baptist Temple, San Antonio, TX

Rev. Alan Newton, Underwood Baptist Church, Wauwatosa, WI

Rev. Donald Ng, First Chinese Baptist Church, San Francisco, CA

Pastor Kerry R. Ninemire, Pastor St. Mary's Catholic Church, Salina, KS

Rev. Victor H. Nixon, Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church, Little Rock, AR

Rev. James Norman, Unitarian Universalist, Concord, NH

Pastor James F. Norris III, Lawtonville Baptist Church, Estill, SC

Rev. Lloyd L. Noyes, American Baptist Churches, USA, Depew, NY

Rev. Richard A. Nugent, Minister, The Universalist Society, New York, NY

Rev. Nancy Holmes, Nyberg, Pastor First Congregational United Church of Christ, Carpentersville, IL

Rev. Dr. William R. Nye, All Souls Bethlehem Church, Brooklyn, NY

Rev. Dr. Sarah W. Oelberg, Nora Unitarian Universalist Church, Hanska, MN

Rev. Paul Ojibway, S.A. Graymore Ecumenical and Interreligious Institute, Washington, DC

Rev. Marcia Olsen, Unitarian Universalist, Laguna Beach, CA

Rev. Judith Brown, Osgood, Shoreline Unitarian Universalist Soceity, Madison, CT

Rev. Christine Otan, First Chinese Baptist Church, San Francisco, CA

Rev. Dr. Walter L. Owensby, Presbyterian Church (USA), Washington, DC

Rev. Carolyn Owen-Towle, First Unitarian Universalist Church, San Diego, CA

Rev. Tom Owen-Towle, First Unitarian Universalist Church, San Diego, CA

Rabbi Sandy Roth Parian, Kehilat Ha Nahar, New Hope, PA

Rev. Shawn Parker, Lakeview Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA

Rabbi Jordan M. Parr, Congregation Children of Israel, Augusta, GA

Rev. Rodney G. Parrish, Deacon Chair, First Baptist Church, Oak Ridge, TN

Rev. Susan Burgess, Parrish, Interim Pastor Fellowship Baptist Church, Edison, GA

Dr. Harry B. Parrott Jr. American Baptist Churches, U.S.A. St. Petersburg, FL

Dr. Bob Parsley, First Baptist Church, Crofton, MD

Rabbi Jack P. Paskoff, Congregation Shaarai Shomayim, Lancaster, PA

Pandit Kusum C. Patel, Pres. Gayatari Pariwar Yugnirmanchicag, Niles, IL

Rev. Dr. Roger Paynter, First Baptist Church, Austin, TX

Rev. Aaron R. Payson, The UU Church of Worcester, Worcester, MA

Rev. Larry Peacock, Malibu United Methodist Church, Malibu, CA

Rev. Clarence Pemberton, New Hope Baptist Church, Philadelphia PA

Rev. Linda R. Pendergrass, Unity Church of Austin, Austin, TX

Rev. Julie Pennington Russell, Calvary Baptist Church, Waco, TX

Rev. Elaine Beth Peresluhn, Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor, Bangor, ME

Rabbi Daniel Pernick, Beth Am Temple, Pearl River, NY

Rabbi Shoshana M. Perry, Congregation Shalom, Chelmsford, MA

Rev. Stewart Perry, Baptist Temple Church, Alexandria, VA

Rev. Clare L. Petersberger, The Towson Unitarian Universalist Church, Lutherville, MD

Rev. Roy S. Petitt, Pentecostal, Los Angeles, CA

Rev. Dixie Lea Petrey, Pastor/Chaplain, Shannondale Retirement Community, Knoxville, TN

Rabbi Aaron M. Petuchowski, Temple Sholom of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Rabbi Bruce J. Pfeffer, Jewish, Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Joseph O. Phelps, Highland Baptist Church, Louisville, KY

Rev. Dr. Kenneth W. Phifer, First Unitarian Universalist, Ann Arbor, MI

Rev. Thomas J. Phillip, Presbyterian, Merrick, NY

Rev. Larry Phillips, Emmanuel Baptist -Friends United Church of Christ, Schenectady, NY

Rev. J.M Phillips, PhD, St. Augustine Episcopal Church, Kingston, RI

Rev. Randall R. Phillips, ST.D. Roman Catholic, Dearborn Heights, MI

Rev. Rex E. Piercy, J.D. United Methodist, Waukee, IA

Rev. LeDayne McLeese, Polaski, Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, Charlotte, NC

Dr. Marcus C. Pomeroy, Central Baptist Church, Wayne, PA

Rev. Deborah J. Pope-Lance, Interim Minister, First Parish of Stow and Acton, Stow, MA

Jeff Posner Director, Jewish Student Association, Long Beach, CA

Rev. Lynn Potter, United Methodist Church, Estherville, IA

Rev. Cynthia Prescott, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clemson, Clemson, SC

Dr. Bruce Prescott, Executive Director, Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists, Norman, OK

Rev. Lisa Presley, Northwest Unitarian Universalist Church, Southfield, MI

Charles B. Prewitt, D. Min. Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, San Antonio, TX

Rabbi Sally J. Priesand, Monmouth Reform Temple, Tinton Falls, NJ

Dr. Michael L. Prince, Robertsville Baptist Church, Oak Ridge, TN

Rabbi Deborah R. Prinz, Temple Adat Shalom, Poway, CA

Rev. Frank Proffitt, First Baptist Church, Erwin, TN

Sheri Prud'homme, Religious Educator, Unitarian Universalist Association Pacific Central District, Oakland, CA

Dr. Rudy A. Pulido, Southwest Baptist Church, St. Louis, MO

Dr. Kathy S. Quinn, Co-Chair, Lutherans Concerned, Columbia, SC

Rev. Paul F. Rack, Presbyterian, Woodbridge, NJ

Rev. Allen Rames, Everett Hills Baptist Church, Maryville, TN

Rev. Carolee Ramsey, First Unitarian Universalist Church, Austin, TX

Rev. Dr. James Madison Ramsey, First Baptist Church, Albany, GA

Rev. Shirley Ranck, Ph.D., Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Olympia, WA

Rev. R. Mitch Randall, First Baptist Church, Bedford, TX

Pastor Emeritus J. Richard Randels, Lakeview Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA

Rev. Dr. Ozark Range, Sr., Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Greenwood, MS

Rabbi Robert J. Ratner, Congregation Beth Hatephila, Asheville, NC

Rev. Paul Ratzlaff, Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, Morristown, NJ

Dr. Frank G. Reeder, First Baptist Church, Pitman, NJ

Rev. Mia Reeves, Interfaith Minister/ High Priestess Moonsong Coven, Jersey City, NJ

Most Rev. John Reeves, Auxiliary Bishop, Catholic Church of the Americas, St. Petersburg, FL

Rev. George Regas, Episcopalian, Pasadena, CA

Rev. Thomas N. Rice, Baptist Temple, Rochester, NY

Rev. George M. Ricker, United Methodist Clergy, Austin, TX

Rev. Butch Riddle, First Baptist Church, Ashdown, AR

Rev. Jim Rigby, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Austin, TX

Rabbi Ted Riter, Temple Solel, Encinitas, CA

Rabbi Daniel A. Roberts, Temple Emanu El, University Heights, OH

Rabbi Alexis Roberts, Congregation Dor Hadash, San Diego, CA

Rev. Wayne Robinson, UU Church of Greater Lansing, East Lansing, MI

Dr. Gerald E. Robinson, Starling Avenue Baptist Church, Martinsville, VA

Dr. Floyd F. Roebuck, Garden Lakes Baptist Church, Rome, GA

Rabbi Norman T. Roman, Temple Kol Ami, West Bloomfield, MI

Rev. Rita M. Root, UMC, Dekalb, IL

Rev. Bonnie Rosborough, PhD, Broadway United Church of Christ, New York, NY

Rabbi Herbert H. Rose, Temple Beth Shalom, Brandon, FL

Rev. Dr. Tarris D. Rosell, American Baptist, Kansas City, KS

Rabbi Kenneth D. Roseman, Temple Shalom, Dallas, TX

Rabbi Sanford E. Rosen, Peninsula Temple Beth El, San Mateo, CA

Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld, Temple Beth Zion, Buffalo, NY

Rabbi Cheryl Rosenstein, Temple Beth El, Bakersfield, CA

Rabbi Morton M. Rosenthal, Lawrenceville, NJ

Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal, Tifereth Israel Synagogue, San Diego, CA

Dr. William L. Ross, First Baptist Church, Athens, GA

Rev. Jean M. Rowe, Minister, Neshoba Unitarian Universalist Church, Germantown, TN

Sister Rosalie Rueseweld, St. Scholastica Monastery, Fort Smith, AR

Rev. Susan Russell, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, San Pedro, CA

Rabbi Richard B. Safran, Emeritus, Achduth Vesholom, Fort Wayne, IN

Rabbi Douglas B. Sagal, K.A.M. Isaiah Israel, Chicago, IL

Rabbi Robert Saks, Washington, DC

Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin, The Community Synagogue, Port Washington, NY

Rev. Dr. Bruce C. Salmon, Village Baptist Church, Bowie, MD

Rev. Dr. David Sammons, Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Walnut Creek, CA

Rev. Jason Samuel, Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, St. Louis, MO

Rev. Joan M. Saniuk, The Metropolitan Community Church of Boston, Roslindale, MA

Rabbi David Saperstein, Director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, Washington, DC

Rabbi Herman E. Schaalman, Rabbi Emeritus, Emanuel Congregation, Chicago, IL

Rev. Edward W. Schadt, Mission Hills United Church of Christ, San Diego, CA

Rev. Robert L. Schaibly, First Unitarian Church, Houston, TX

Rabbi Amy Scheinerman, Beth Shalom Congregation, Taylorsville, MD

Rev. Richard A. Schempp, Presbyterian Church (USA), Lubbock, TX

Rev. J. David Scheyer, Unitarian Universalist, Franklin, NC

Cantor Neil Schnitzer, Society Hill Synagogue, Philadelphia, PA

Rev. Kathryn Schreiber, United Church of Christ, Brookings, OR

Rev. Melvin Ray Schultz, Disciples of Christ, Baltimore, MD

Rev. Larold Schulz, First Congrgational United Church of Christ, Alameda, CA

Rabbi Gershom Schwartz, Beth Sholom Congregation, Elkins Park, PA

Rabbi Amy Schwartzman, Temple Rodef Shalom, Falls Church, VA

Rev. Louis V. Schwebius, The Community Church of New York, New York, NY

Dr. Jeffery Warren Scott, Colonial Avenue Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA

Rev. Gail S. Seavey, First Universalist Church of Salem, Salem, MA

Rev. Edward Seeger, Corpus Christi Metro Ministries, Corpus Christi, TX

Rabbi Robert A. Seigel, Temple Beth Israel, Fresno, CA

Rev. Alan D. Selig, First Baptist Church, Manhattan, KS

Karen H. Senecal, Associate Minister, Judson Memorial Church, New York, NY

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Senghas, Unitarian Universalist, Burlington, VT

Dr. Fred Senter, First Baptist Church, Wadesboro, NC

Rabbi Isaac Serotta, Lakeside Congregation for Reform Judaism, Highland Park, IL

Rabbi Gerald Serotta, Temple Shalom, Chevy Chase, MD

Rev. Arthur G. Severance, First Unitarian Church, San Antonio

Rabbi Howard Shapiro, Temple Israel, West Palm Beach, FL

Dr. C. Scott Shaver, Coordinator, Mainstream Louisiana Baptists, Natchitoches, LA

Mr., Jack A. Shaw, King Street Baptist Church, Cocoa, FL

Rabbi Charles P. Sherman, Temple Israel, Tulsa, OK

Rev. William D. Shiell, Southland Baptist Church, San Angelo, TX

Rabbi Rebecca Pomerantz, Shinder, Temple Sinai of Bergen County, Tenafly, NJ

Assoc. in Ministry Holly Shipley, Faith Lutheran Church, Lexington, KY

Pastor, Harold Shirlee, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Pine Bluff, AR

Cantor Michael A. Shochet, Temple Rodef Shalom, Falls Church, VA

Rev. Madison Shockley, United Church of Christ, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Mark L. Shook, Congregation Temple Israel, St. Louis, MO

Rev. Amy Short, E.D., Brethren/Mennonite Council for Lesbian and Gay Concerns, Minneapolis, MN

Rev. Craig Showalter, Cross Creek Community Church, Dayton, OH

Dr. Robert D. Shrum, Oakland Baptist Church, Rock Hill, SC

Rev. Candace R. Shultis, Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church of Washington, Washington, DC

Dr. Walter B. Shurden, Baptist, Macon, GA

Wayne S. Siet, Cantor, Temple Shaari Emeth, Manalapan, NJ

Rev. David L. Silke, First Baptist Church, Olympia, WA

Rabbi Robert Silvers, Congregation B'nai Israel, Boca Raton, FL

Rev. John G. Simmons, Lutheran, Burbank, CA

Rev. Paul D. Simmons, Ph.D., Baptist, Louisville, KY

Bishop Bennet J. Sims, The Institute for Servant Leadership, Asheville, NC

Rev. Katherine Sinclair, Coldspring United Methodist Church, Coldspring, TX

Rev. Donald W. Sinclair, United Methodist Church, Texas Annual Conf., Coldspring, TX

Rev. Richard B. Skidmore, Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ, Milwaukie, OR

Rev. Fred Small, First Church Unitarian, Littleton, MA

Rev. E. Jo Smith, St. John's United Methodist Church, Austin, TX

Rev. Wayne G. Smith, St. John's United Methodist Church, Austin, TX

Rev. Paul L. Smith, First Baptist Church, Calhoun City, MS

Dr. Stanley L. Smith, First Baptist Church, Boulder, CO

Rev. Dr. Layne E. Smith, Viewmont Baptist Church, Hickory, NC

Rev. Daniel E. Smith, Pastor, West Hollywood Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, CA

Rev. Brent A. Smith, PhD, Fountain Street Church, Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Stanley D. Smith, Senior Pastor, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Orange, CA

Rev. Dr. Joshua A. Snyder, Second Unitarian Church at Omaha, Omaha, NE

Rabbi Ronald B. Sobel, Temple Emanu-El, New York, NY

Rabbi David M. Sofian, Emanuel Congregation, Chicago, IL

Rev. Andrew L. Solice, Sr. New Life United Methodist Church, Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Rav A. Soloff, Central Conference of American Rabbis, Lansdale, PA

Rev. L.K. Solomon, Pastor, D. Min. Indiana Street Baptist Church, Pine Bluff, AR

Rev. Dr. James G. Somerville, First Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

Rev. Kenneth T. South, United Church of Christ, Washington, DC

Rev. Dr. Richard Speck, Unitarian Universalist, Wilmington, DE

Rev. Lon Speer, United Methodist, Austin, TX

Rev. Edward E. Spence, Presbyterian Church (USA), Chandler, AZ

Rev. Mr. Jeffrey S. Spencer, Tolt Congregational United Church of Christ, Carnation, WA

Rabbi Scott M. Sperling, Temple De Hirsch Sinai, Seattle, WA

Rev. Ellen Rowse Spero, Assistant Minister, First Parish in Lexington, Lexington, MA

Fr. Thomas J. Spiegel, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Bettendorf, IA

Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker, Mount Zion Temple, St. Paul, MN

Rev. Susan Sprague, Trinity United Methodist Church, Austin, TX

Very Rev. E. Kyle, St. Clair Jr. Episcopal, New Hope, PA

Rabbi Samuel M. Stahl, Temple Beth-El, San Antonio, TX

Rabbi Mark Staitman, D.Min. Rodef Shalom Congregation, Pittsburgh, PA

Rev. Dallas T. Stallings, Haymarket Baptist Church, Haymarket, VA

Rev. F. Herb Stallknecht III, St. Mathews United Methodist Church, Houston,TX

Rev. Susan L. Starr, First Unitarian Church of Oakland, Oakland, CA

Rabbi Sonya Starr, Columbia Jewish Congregation, Columbia, MD

Rev. Michael A. Stein, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Scottsbluff, NE

Rabbi Lane Steinger, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, St. Louis, MO

Rabbi David Steinhardt, B'nai Torah Congregation, Boca Raton, FL

Rev. Charles J. Stephens, UU Church of Washington Crossing -Pennington Rd, Titasville, NJ

Rabbi George Stern, Jewish, Valley Cottage, NY

Rabbi Ronald H. Stern, Stephen Wise Temple, Los Angeles, CA

Rev. Connie Sternberg, Unitarian Universalist Society East, Manchester, CT

Rev. Elizabeth B. Stevens, First Church in Dedham, Dedham, MA

Rabbi Michael N. Stevens, Temple Beth El, Munster, IN

Rabbi Jeffrey Stiffman, Congregation Shaare Emeth, St. Louis, MO

Rev. Jerald M. Stinson, Senior Minister, First Congregational Church (UCC), Long Beach, CA

Rev. Dr. Nathan L. Stone, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Waco, Waco, TX

Rev. Krishna Stone, Sanctuary of the Church, New York, NY

Rabbi Warren Stone, Temple Emanuel, Kensington, MD

Rev. Bebb Wheeler, Stone, PhD, Presbyterian Church (USA), Pittsburgh, PA

Rabbi Andrew Straus, Temple Emanu-El of Tempe, Tempe, AZ

Rabbi Mark Strauss-Cohn, Jewish, Tampa, FL

Rev. Dr. Charles H. Straut, Jr. Kings Highway United Methodist Church, Brooklyn, NY

Rev. Laura Lee Strawser, First Baptist Church, Birmingham, MI

Rev. Victoria Streiff-Fraser, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Columbus, Columbus, IN

Rabbi Elliot M. Strom, Shir Ami B.C.J.C. Newton, PA

Rev. James D. Stuckey, Jr. Murray Hill Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

Rev. Elwood R. Sturtevant, Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church, Louisville, KY

Rabbi Brooks R. Susman, Temple Shaari Emeth, Manalapan, NJ

Dr. John A. Sylvester-Johnson, Grandin Court Baptist/Rescue Mission of Roanoke, Roanoke, VA

Rabbi Irwin A. Tanenbaum, D.D. Temple Sholom, Monticello, NY

Rabbi Harvey M. Tattelbaum, Senior Rabbi Temple Shaaray Tefila, New York, NY

Rabbi Joshua S. Taub, The Temple, Congregation B'Nai Jehudah, Kansas City, MO

Rev. Thomas S. Taylor, United Methodist, Brecksville, OH

Pastor Richard H. Taylor, Beneficient Congregational Church (UCC), Providence, RI

Rev. George R. Taylor, First Presbyterian Church, Stroudsburg, PA

Rabbi Dov Taylor, Congregation Solel, Highland Park, IL

Pastor Ralph Thomas Taylor, Pilgrim Congregational Church, New Haven, CT

Rev. Alan C. Taylor, Minister, Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church, Woodinville, WA

Pastor Greg Templin, Ephesus Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC

Dr. Eugene TeSelle, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Nashville, TN

Rev. Jane E. Thickstun, Unitarian Universalist, Midland, MI

Rev. Carl Thitchener, Co-Minister, Unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst, Amherst, NY

Rev. Maureen Thitchener, Co-Minister, Unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst, Amherst, NY

Rev. Benjamin E. Thomas, Stuart Baptist Church, Stuart, VA

Dr. James R. Thomason, First Baptist Church, Anderson, SC

Rev. Robert V. Thompson, Lake Street Church of Evanston (American Baptist Churches of the U.S.A.), Evanston, IL

Rev. Albert H. Thompson III, United Church of Christ, Mankato, MN

Rev. L. Douglas Throckmorton, Minister Member, The Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area, White Bear Lake, MN

Rev. Tony L. Thurston, College Avenue Christian Church, Des Moines, IA

W.B. Tichenor, Ordained Baptist Minister, Member: Memorial Baptist Church, Columbia, MO

Fred Tilinski, Coordinator, Chistians for Justice Action, St. Peters, MO

Rev. James R. Tilton, Presbyterian Church (USA), Leawood, KS

Rev. Doug Tipps, First Baptist Church, San Marcos, TX

Dr. Hugh Tobias, Riverside Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

Rev. Rebecca J. Tollefson, Ohio Council of Churches, Columbus, OH

Dr. Darryl M. Trimiew, Zion Hill Baptist Church, Rochester,NY

Rev. Randall Trumbo, Enon Baptist Church, Russellville, MO

Rev. Paul M. Turner, Gentle Spirit Christian Church, Atlanta,GA

Dr. William L. Turner, South Main Baptist Church, Houston, TX

Rev. Timothy B. Tutt, Briggs Memorial Baptist Church, Bethesda, MD

Rev. Ann E. Tyndall, Unitarian Church of Evanston, Evanston, IL

Rev. Carl A. Urban, Roman Catholic Church of St. Adalbert, Schenectady, NY

Rev. Michael S. Usey, College Park Baptist, Greensboro, NC

Rev. Leslie Van Blarcom, United Methodist, Shawnee, KS

A. Stephen Van Kuiken, Pastor, Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, OH

Rev. Don W. Vaughn-Foerster, Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Society, The Woodlands, TX

Rev. Carlton W. Veazey, National Baptist Convention, Washington, DC

Rev. Buddy D. Vess, Metropolitan Community Church of Northern Virginia, Fairfax, VA

Rev. Philip Vestal, Harlem Baptist Church, Harlem, GA

Dr. Daniel Vestal, Coordinator, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Ray Vickrey, Royal Lane Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

Rev. C. Joshua Villines, Chaplain, The Alliance of Baptists, Snellville, GA

Rev. Dr. Audrey Wise, Vincent, Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah, Savannah, GA

Rev. Dr. Richard E. Visser, First Baptist Church, Waynesburg, PA

Rev. Sandra W. Vogel, Lead Pastor, Grantville United Methodist Church, Grantville, KS

Rev. David Von Schlichten, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Youngstown, PA

Rev. Kate Walker, Unitarian Universalist Church of Meadville, Meadville, PA

Rev. J. Brent Walker, Baptist, Falls Church, VA

Rev. Lisa Ward, Unitarian Universalist Minister, Churchville, MD

Dr. Douglas Watterson, North Stuart Baptist Church, Stuart, FL

Rev. Dr. J. David Waugh, Metro Baptist Church, New York, NY

Rev. Gloria Weber, Lutheran, St. Louis, MO

Rabbi Donald A. Weber, Temple Rodeph Torah, Marlboro, NJ

Rabbi David Wechsler-Azen, Temple Har Shalom, Warren, NJ

Rabbi Michael A. Weinberg, Temple Beth Israel, Skokie, IL

Rabbi Jennifer C. Weiner, Temple Beth Am, Williamsville, NY

Rabbi Stephen J. Weisman, Temple Solel, Bowie, MD

Rev. Dave Weissbard, Unitarian Universalist Church, Rockford, IL

Rev. L. Gail Wheelock, Church of the Ascension (Episcopal), Wakefield, RI

Rev. Wade Wheelock, Co-Minister, Unitarian Universalist Church, Canton, NY

Rev. Gayle Whittemore, South Congregational Church United Church of Christ, Concord, NH

Rabbi David S. Widzer, Temple Shalom of Newton, Newton, PA

Rev. Dr. Gary A. Wilburn, Presbyterian, New Canaan, CT

Rev. Don Wilkey, Onalaska First Baptist, Onalaska, TX

Dr. J. Michael Wilkins, Gloucester Point Baptist Church, Glouchester Point, VA

Rev. Mary Kay Will, Campus Minister, United Methodist Church, Long Beach, CA

Rev. Jennifer H. Williams, United Methodist, Harrisburg, PA

Rev. John D. Williams, Presbyterian Church (USA), Sherman, TX

Rev. San Williams, University Presbyterian Church, Austin, TX

Rev. Mel Williams, Watts Street Baptist Church, Durham, NC

Rev. Michael J. Wills, Northwest Christian Church, Arlington, TX

Dr. G. Todd Wilson, First Baptist Church, Clemson, SC

Rev. William G. Wilson, First Baptist Church, Waynesboro, VA

Rabbi Jonathan S. Woll, Temple Avoda, Fair Lawn, NJ

Rev. Rolen Womack, Baptist, Milwaukee, WI

Rev. Tony O. Woodell, Arkansas Baptists Committed, Little Rock, AR

Rev. Richard M. Woodman, Unitarian Universalist Association, Dover, NH

Dr. Jody C. Wright, Lakeside Baptist Church, Rocky Mount, NC

Dr. Rex Yancey, First Baptist Church, Pascagoula, MS

Rev. John F. Yeaman, United Methodist, Austin, TX

Rabbi Eric Yoffie, President, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, New York, NY

Rabbi Herbert Yoskowitz Farmington Hills, MI

Rev. David E. Young, Chapel Lane Presbyterian Church, Midland, MI

Rabbi Roderick Young, Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, New York, NY

Rev. Mike Young, First Unitarian Church, Honolulu, HI

Dr. Gerald L. Young, Boulevard Baptist Church, Falls Church, VA

Dr. Brett Younger, Broadway Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX

Rabbi Gerald L. Zelizer, Congregation Neve Shalom, Metuchen, NJ

Rabbi Daniel G. Zemel, Temple Micah, Washington, DC

Pastor Nancy J. Zerban, United Church of Wayland, Wayland, MI

Rev. Angela Zimmann, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Dundee, MI

Rev. Marty Zimmann, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Dundee, MI

Rev. Mary B. Zimmer, Church of the Savior, Austin, TX

Rev. Judith Jon Zimmerman, Trinity Episcopal Church, Houghton, MI

Rabbi Louis Zivic, Congregation Beth Israel, Lebanon, PA

Rev. Amy Zucker, Unitarian Universalist Church of Rutland, Rutland, VT

*House of Worship and Religious Affiliation included for identification purposes only

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