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Statement of Mark J. Pelavin Associate Director Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism on the Bombing of the New Woman All Women Health Care Clinic (Birmingham, Ala.)

January 29, 1998

"Today's bombing of the New Woman All Women Health Care clinic in Birmingham, Ala., was an abhorrent act, echoing all too clearly the violence of those in the South who opposed the civil rights movement. This attempt to intimidate women from exercising their constitutional rights demands condemnation by all people of conscience.

"While principled people may disagree about the morality of abortion, using violence as a means to express disagreement is morally reprehensible. We call upon law enforcement officials to promptly and thoroughly investigate this heinous crime. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the man who was murdered in this tragic attack, the nurse who was critically injured, and all of the people whose lives were placed in jeopardy."


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