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The Reform Movement and Israel
Policy resolutions on Israel from the Union for Reform Judaism and the Central Conference of American Rabbis
Reform Movement Policy and Resolutions

The Union for Reform Judaism and the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) have been outspoken in their support of the peace process. Throughout the Reform Movement's history, in times of peace and in times of strife, we have spoken out in unequivocal and unconditional support of the State of Israel and her people. This support stems from a love of the land and an understanding that the destinies of the Jewish people and of Israel are intertwined in an unbreakable connection (URJ Resolution, Support for Israel, 2009)

At the 2001 Union Biennial in Boston, the Union passed a resolution reaffirming its support of Israel and an American role in the facilitation of the peace process. Earlier in the year, the Union Executive Board passed a resolution stating that "the way to end the conflict is for Israel and the Palestinians to reach a negotiated agreement, based on mutual recognition that provides security for both sides."

In June 2004, the Union passed a resolution on unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, the security fence, and administrative home demolitons. The resolution supports the Disengagement plan and calls for an implementation of the plan that facilitates a return to a political process between Israel and the Palestinians. The resolution also supports the building of a security fence to protect Israeli citizens from terror in a way that minimizes undue hardship for Palestinians, and opposes administrative home demolitions and urges the Israeli government to rescind this policy. The resolution also reiterates the Reform Jewish Movement’s commitment to a two-state solution as the surest way to guarantee the security of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

Union Resolutions:

  1. Unilateral Withdrawals, Security Barriers, and Home Demolitions: Striving for Security and Peace for Israel and the Middle East (2004)
  2. Israel (2001)
  3. Israel and the Peace Process (2001)
  4. In Support of the Peace Process (1995)
  5. Israel (1983)
  6. Israel I (1982)
  7. Israel II (1982)
  8. Peace in the Middle East (1981)
  9. Israel (1979)
  10. Peace in the Middle East (1978)

CCAR Resolutions:

  1. Peace Process (1998)
  2. Israel's Peace and Security (1997)
  3. Israel and the Peace Process (1995)
  4. Peace Process and Terrorism (1994)
  5. Peace Process (1992)
  6. Security of Israel (1990)
  7. Security of Israel (1983)
  8. Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty (1981)
  9. Peace Negotiations between Israel and Egypt (1981)
  10. Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty (1979)
  11. Security of Israel (1977)

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