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Recommended Reading on the Supreme Court
A list of books, blogs, news sources, and authors to provide you with background and updates

Books for background Information:

Supreme Conflict.  Jan Crawford Greenburg. 2008.

The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court.  Jeffrey Toobin. 2007.

The People Rising: The Campaign against the Bork Nomination.  Michael Pertshuk and Wendy Schaetzel. 1989.

A People’s History of the Supreme Court. Peter Irons.  1999.

Recommended Blogs and News Sources:

RAC "Focus on the Court" posts
Every Friday (and sometimes more frequently), the RAC blog features postings by RAC staff and other experts about the Reform Movement’s work and the Judiciary.

This blog reports on the cases, petitions, and arguments before the Supreme Court.  It provides the most comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the Court.

Alliance for Justice's "Justice Watch" Blog
This blog not only covers the big cases that are being heard in the Supreme Court and Circuit Courts, but also offers information about nominees to these courts. 

Congressional Quarterly's Legal Beat
CQ offers a blog focusing on legal issues and judicial nominations, with a special focus on Congress’s relationship to the Third Branch.

Blog of the Legal Times
The Legal Times offers coverage of interesting legal issues and news about happenings at major law firms across the country.

Authors to Watch:

Dahlia Lithwick of Slate

Lithwick writes digestible, witty, and timely pieces about Supreme Court cases that grab her attention or about more general issues facing the federal bench in the future.

Adam Liptak of the New York Times

Liptak offers straightforward reporting on the Supreme Court that highlights the hot button cases and issues and is accessible to all of us non-lawyer types.

Tony Mauro of the Legal Times

Mauro is the Supreme Court correspondent for the Legal Times.  He provides thorough coverage of cases as well as insights into life at the Court.

Linda Greenhouse, formerly of the New York Times
Greenhouse covered the Supreme Court for the New York Times for nearly three decades.  Her writings still sometimes appear in the Times or in other publications.

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