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History of the Fain Awards and Past Winners
Active commitment to social justice is a hallmark of the Reform Jewish community. This commitment has inspired congregations to develop programs that help "l'taken olam," mend the world.

Active commitment to social justice is a hallmark of the Reform Jewish community. That commitment has inspired Reform congregations across North America to develop and pursue a wide range of activities and programs that help l'taken olam, to mend the world. By reaching out to the needy and the downtrodden, by forming coalitions of concern across religious and racial lines, by advocating for equity and justice, and in countless other ways, the congregations of our Movement stand on the front line of the long, hard struggle to realize the vision of the prophets, to create communities informed by that vision.

Who was Irving J. Fain?
Irving J. Fain, who passed away in 1970, was a passionate proponent of social justice and of the Reform Movement's active commitment to the work of tikkun olam, and served for a decade as Chairperson of its Commission on Social Action.

The Fain Awards, established in 1983 in his honor and memory, are awarded every two years to congregations whose work in the area of social justice is exemplary. Specifically, awards are presented to congregations that have successfully involved large numbers of congregants in their social action programs or that have developed genuinely innovative and/or particularly effective projects.

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