December 21, 2014 · 29 Kislev

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Jewish Sources on Foreign Policy
Direct quotes and text.

"The sword comes into the world because of justice delayed and justice perverted."
-Pirke Avot

"If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat. And if she is thirsty, give Her water to drink."
-Proverbs 25:21

"One person (Adam) was created as the common ancestor of all, for the sake of the peace of the human race, so that one should not be able to say to a neighbor, 'My ancestor was better than yours.'"

"One person was created to teach us the importance of the actions of every individual, for we should treat the world as half good and half bad, so that if we do one good deed, it will tip the whole world to the side of goodness."
-Based on Mishna Sanhedrin 4:5

"God formed Adam out of dust from all over the world: yellow clay, white sand, black loam and red soil. Therefore, no one can declare to any race or color of people that they do not belong here since this soil is not their home."

"Our sages teach us in Midrash that when God goes to war to right the evils in the land, God goes alone. Yet when God goes on a mission of peace, God goes forth with legions of armies."
-Bamidbar Rabbah 11:7

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