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Movement Resources

Each major movement has its own resource page for disabilities. We owe many of the resources in this guide to these sites:

Orthodox Movement
Yachad, the Orthodox Movement’s National Jewish Council for Disabilities, provides training workshops and programs to Jewish organizations seeking to be more inclusive. Their website has many useful inclusion resources for all denominations and information about all the Yachad programs.

Conservative Movement
The goal of the United Synagogue’s Commission on Inclusion of People with Disabilities is to educate all members of their communities about the importance of an inclusive and welcoming community. Their website is host to a brief history of the commission, thought-provoking readings, and tools and resources for inclusivity in Jewish communities.

Reconstructionist Movement
The Jewish Reconstructionist Movement’s resource page on disability inclusion provides a link to a mini-course held at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College about coming face-to-face with disability and resources providing insight on Jewish values of inclusion.

Reform Movement
The Union for Reform Judaism provides ideas for inclusive programs as well as comprehensive resources for congregations, educators, clergy, community members, and youth group organizers.

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