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Over 500 Rabbis and Cantors Urge the Boy Scouts of America to Change Their Discriminatory Policy

 "These children and their families must not be denied the opportunities to achieve and the structures of support that the Boy Scouts already provide to so many."

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WASHINGTON, D.C., May 21, 2012 — In anticipation of the Boy Scouts of America Annual Meeting, more than 500 rabbis and cantors added their names to a letter sent today to the National Council of the BSA. These rabbis and cantors, members of three denominations and residents of forty-six states, sought to add their moral voices to the effort urging the BSA to end its policy of excluding gay scouts and scout leaders. The full text of the letter coordinated by the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism is below:

"We write as rabbis and cantors to add our voices to the call for the Boy Scouts of America ("BSA") to end the ban on gay scouts and scout leaders. Many of us are former scouts, the parents of scouts or children who aspire to scouting, and admirers of the mission and purpose of the BSA. Each of us, however, opposes the BSA's discriminatory policy that excludes gay scouts and leaders.

The BSA ban causes real harm to gay youths, adults and their families around the country. LGBT youth, and often the children of LGBT parents as well, face alarming amounts of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and – most distressingly – LGBT youth experience significantly higher rates of suicide. These children and their families must not be denied the opportunities to achieve and the structures of support that the Boy Scouts already provide to so many.

The book of Proverbs tells us, "Train up a child in the way the child should go, and even when the child is old, they will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6). For many children across America the Boy Scouts has proven an excellent way of sharing such life lessons and building character. Like the Boy Scouts, our Jewish tradition emphasizes the values of personal responsibility, service to the community and a broader commitment to justice. These values apply equally to gay and straight individuals. Indeed, how can we teach service to a community when that community excludes our friends, family members and neighbors?

We are pleased to hear that the Boy Scouts of America will consider a proposal to end the ban against gay scouts. However, we were deeply troubled to learn that the ban on LGBT scout leaders would remain in place. We believe that each human being is created b'tselem elohim, in the image of God. That stamp of the divine does not change between childhood and adulthood. Indeed, LGBT adults can and do provide exemplary role models for both straight and gay youth.

As Jewish clergy, we urge you to fully lift the BSA's policy of discrimination that currently impacts both children and adults. When that occurs, we look forward to participating again in the worthy work of the BSA."

Cantor David Mannes, Edmonton, AB

Rabbi Lynne Goldsmith, Dothan, AL

Cantor Jessica Roskin, Birmingham, AL

Rabbi Jonathan Miller, Birmingham, AL

Rabbi Eugene Levy, Little Rock, AR

Rabbi Dr. Robert Kravitz, Scottsdale, AZ

Rabbi Sheldon Moss, Surprise, AZ

Rabbi Jeremy Schneider, Scottsdale, AZ

Rabbi Jake Singer-Beilin, Phoenix, AZ

Rabbi Stephen Kahn, Scottsdale, AZ

Rabbi Dean Shapiro, Tempe, AZ

Rabbi Barnett Brickner, Alameda, CA

Rabbi Hillel Cohn, San Bernardino, CA

Rabbi Glenn Ettman, Palm Desert, CA

Rabbi Suzanne Singer, Riverside, CA

Cantor Gregory Yaroslow, Redlands, CA

Rabbi Andrew Straus, Oakland, CA

Rabbi Mona Alfi, Sacramento, CA

Rabbi Greg Wolfe, Davis, CA

Rabbi Micah Citrin, San mateo, CA

Rabbi Ronald Stern, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Denise Eger, West Hollywood, CA

Rabbi Jocee Hudson, Los Angeles, CA

Chazzan Danny Maseng, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Michelle Missaghieh, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi John Rosove, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Evan Goodman, Isla Vista, CA

Rabbi Stacy Friedman, San Rafael, CA

Rabbi Rebekah Stern, Albany, CA

Rabbi Amy Bernstein, Pacific Palisades, CA

Rabbi Roberto Graetz, Lafayette, CA

Rabbi Yoel Kahn, Berkeley, CA

Rabbi Stuart Kelman, Berkeley, CA

Rabbi Jane Rachel Litman, Berkeley, CA

Rabbi Julie Saxe-Taller, Berkeley, CA

Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill, El Cerrito, CA

Rabbi BridgetWynne, Albany, CA

Rabbi Meredith Cahn, Truckee, CA

Rabbi Evon Yakar, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Rabbi Heidi Cohen, Irvine, CA

Cantor Shannon McGrady Bane, Fullerton, CA

Rabbi Susan Conforti, Irvine, CA

Rabbi Stephen J. Einstein, Fountain Valley, CA

Rabbi Mark Kaiserman, Huntington Beach, CA

Rabbi Howard Laibson, Seal Beach, CA

Rabbi DennisLinson, Aliso Viejo, CA

Rabbi Arnold Rachlis, Irvine, CA

Cantor David Reinwald, Santa Ana, CA

Rabbi Jennifer Clayman, Los Altos Hills, CA

Rabbi Mychal Copeland, stanford, CA

Rabbi C. Michelle Greenberg, Redwood City, CA

Cantor Kay Greenwald, Mountain View, CA

Rabbi Janet Marder, Los Altos Hills, CA

Rabbi Adam Rosenwasser, Los Altos Hills, CA

Rabbi Michael Rothbaum, Oakland, CA

Rabbi Marc S Blumenthal, Long Beach, CA

Rabbi David Castiglione, Poway, CA

Rabbi Janice Elster, San Diego, CA

Rabbi David Frank, Cardiff, CA

Rabbi Susan Freeman, La Jolla, CA

Rabbi Emeritus Marty Lawson, San Diego, CA

Cantor Sheldon Merel, Encinitas, CA

Rabbi Michael Satz, San Diego, CA

Rabbi Rick Shapiro, San Diego, CA

Rabbi Ruth Adar, San Leandro, CA

Rabbi Ryan Bauer, San Francisco, CA

Rabbi David Dunn Bauer, San Francisco, CA

Rabbi Allen Bennett, San Francisco, CA

Rabbi Eve Ben-Ora, Fremont, CA

Rabbi Steven Chester, Oakland, CA

Rabbi Natan Fenner, San Francisco, CA

Rabbi Pamela Frydman, Daly City, CA

Rabbi Lawrence Raphael, San Francisco, CA

Rabbi Avi Schulman, Fremont, CA

Rabbi Judy Shanks, Oakland, CA

Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan, San Francisco, CA

Rabbi Jonathan Kupetz, Pomona, CA

Rabbi Laura Winer, Fresno, CA

Rabbi Melanie Aron, Los Gatos, CA

Rabbi James Greene, San Jose, CA

Rabbi Debbie Israel, Morgan Hill, CA

Rabbi Lisa Levenberg, Los Gatos, CA

Rabbi Joshua Lobel, Los Gatos, CA

Cantor Meeka Simerly, San Jose, CA

Rabbi Lori Klein, Capitola, CA

Rabbi Cheryl Rosenstein, Bakersfield, CA

Cantor Susan Caro, Thousand Oaks, CA

Rabbi Ted Riter, Thousand Oaks, CA

Cantor Sharon Bernstein, San Francisco, CA

Rabbi Shawna Brynjegard-Bialik, Castaic, CA

Rabbi Stanley Davids, Santa Monica, CA

Rabbi Noah Farkas, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Morley Feinstein, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Jon Hanish, Woodland Hills, CA

Rabbi Robert Jacobs, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Paul Kipnes, Tarzana, CA

Rabbi Stephanie Kolin, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Richard Levy, Encino, CA

Cantor Emerita Patti Linsky, Valley Village, CA

Rabbi Sanford Ragins, Los Angeles, CA

Cantor Jen Roher, Northridge, CA

Rabbi Dalia Samansky, Woodland Hills, CA

Rabbi Joel Simonds, Los Angeles, CA

Cantor Raina Siroty, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Carrie Vogel, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Julia Weisz, Calabasas, CA

Rabbi Eliot Baskin, Greenwood Village, CO

Rabbi Lewis Bogage, Denver, CO

Rabbi Stephen Booth-Nadav, Denver, CO

Rabbi Julian Cook, Denver, CO

Rabbi Sara Gilbert, Denver, CO

Rabbi Brian Immerman, Denver, CO

Rabbi Joel Schwartzman, Morrison, CO

Rabbi Stephen Fuchs, West Hartford, CT

Rabbi Jeffrey Glickman, South Windsor, CT

Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg, Chester, CT

Rabbi Norman Koch, New Milford, CT

Rabbi Michael Pincus, West Hartford, CT

Rabbi Cantor Vicki Axe, Stamford, CT

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman, Stamford, CT

Cantor Penny Kessler, Bethel, CT

Rabbi Stacy Offner, Madison, CT

Rabbi Shaul Praver, Fairfield, CT

Rabbi Philip Schechter, Stamford, CT

Rabbi Jessica Oleon, Washington, DC

Rabbi Shira Stutman, Washington, DC

Rabbi Daniel Zemel, Washington, DC

Rabbi Micah Becker-Klein, Newark, DE

Rabbi Michael Kramer, Hockessin, DE

Rabbi Yair Robinson, Wilmington, DE

Rabbi Steven Engel, Orlando, FL

Rabbi Richard Klein, Sarasota, FL

Rabbi Richard Birnholz, Tampa, FL

Rabbi Garson Herzfeld, Tampa, FL

Rabbi Michael Birnholz, Vero Beach, FL

Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser, Palm City, FL

Cantor Tanya Greenblatt, Jupiter, FL

Rabbi Greg Kanter, Delray Beach, FL

Rabbi Daniel Levin, Boca Raton, FL

Rabbi Fred Natkin, Boynton Beach, FL

Rabbi Stephen Pinsky, Wellington, FL

Rabbi Michael Joseph, Gainesville, FL

Rabbi Mona Decker, Jacksonville, FL

Rabbi Mark Goldman, St. Augustine, FL

Rabbi Edwin Goldberg, Miami, FL

Rabbi Rachel Greengrass, Miami, FL

Rabbi Ralph Kingsley, Aventura, FL

Rabbi David Spey, Lighthouse Point, FL

Rabbi David Young, North Miami Beach, FL

Rabbi Larry Mahrer, Parrish, FL

Rabbi Dr. Susan Marks, Sarasota, FL

Rabbi Goldie Milgram, Sarasota, FL

Rabbi Harold Caminker, Bradenton, FL

Rabbi Betsy Torop, Florida, FL

Rabbi Daniel Treiser, Clearwater, FL

Cantor Natalie Young, Sunrise, FL

Rabbi Peter Berg, Atlanta, GA

Rabbi Jonathan Crane, Decatur, GA

Rabbi Fred Greene, Roswell, GA

Cantor Nancy Kassel, Roswell, GA

Cantor Barbara Margulis, Roswell, GA

Rabbi Alvin Sugarman, Atlanta, GA

Rabbi Lauren Cohn, Atlanta, GA

Rabbi Harvey Winokur, Roswell, GA

Rabbi Robert Klensin, Augusta, GA

Rabbi Eric Linder, Athens, GA

Rabbi Peter Schaktman, Honolulu, HI

Cantor Gail Karp, Davenport, IA

Rabbi Henry Karp, Davenport, IA

Rabbi David Kaufman, Des Moines, IA

Cantor Linda Shivers, Des Moines, IA

Rabbi Ellen Dreyfus, Homewood, IL

Rabbi Batsheva Appel, Chicago, IL

Cantor Ross Wolman, Deerfield, IL

Rabbi Bruce Elder, Highland Park, IL

Rabbi Josh Feigelson, Evanston, IL

Cantor Jennifer Frost, Deerfield, IL

Rabbi Sam Gordon, Wilmette, IL

Rabbi Sidney Helbraun, Northbrook, IL

Rabbi Peter Knobel, Evanston, IL

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, Evanston, IL

Rabbi Dr. Eleanor Smith, Evanston, IL

Cantor Cheryl Wunch, Evanston, IL

Rabbi Wendi Geffen, Deerfield, IL

Rabbi Lisa Bellows, Buffalo Grove, IL

Rabbi Max Weiss, Oak Park, IL

Rabbi Joel Oseran, Jerusalem, IL

Rabbi Lynn Goldstein, Bloomington, IL

Rabbi Bruce Pfeffer, Indianapolis, IN

Rabbi Dennis Sasso, Indianapolis, IN

Rabbi Sandy Sasso, Indianapolis, IN

Rabbi Paula Winnig, Indianapolis, IN

Cantor Sharon Kohn, Overland Park, KS

Rabbi Arthur Nemitoff, Overland Park, KS

Rabbi Alexandria Shuval-Weiner, Overland Park, KS

Rabbi Linda Steigman, Prairie Village, KS

Rabbi Debbie Stiel, Topeka, KS

Rabbi Marc Kline, Lexington, KY

Rabbi Alexis Berk, New Orleans, LA

Rabbi Edward Cohn, New Orleans, LA

Rabbi Barbara Metzinger, Metairie, LA

Rabbi Susan Abramson, Bedford, MA

Rabbi Howard A. Berman, Boston, MA

Rabbi Howard Jaffe, Lexington, MA

Rabbi Neil Kominsky, Brookline, MA

Rabbi Karen Landy, Brookline, MA

Rabbi Michael Luckens, Concord, MA

Rabbi Barbara Penzner, West Roxbury, MA

Rabbi Rachel Schoenfeld, Allston, MA

Rabbi Matthew Soffer, Boston, MA

Cantor Rosalie Toubes, Brookline, MA

Cantor Louise Treitman, Lexington, MA

Rabbi David Wolfman, Lexington, MA

Rabbi Caryn Broitman, Vineyard Haven, MA

Rabbi Elias Lieberman, East Falmouth, MA

Rabbi Brian Walt, West Tisbury, MA

Rabbi Keith Stern, Newton, MA

Cantor Steven Weiss, Hingham, MA

Rabbi Katy Allen, Wayland, MA

Rabbi Jordana Battis, Natick, MA

Rabbi Joe Eiduson, Westborough, MA

Rabbi Jennifer Gubitz, Newton Centre, MA

Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz, Westborough, MA

Rabbi Van Lanckton, Newton, MA

Rabbi Allan Lehmann, Newton, MA

Rabbi Allison Peiser, Newton, MA

Rabbi Jonah Pesner, Newton, MA

Rabbi David Thomas, Sudbury, MA

Rabbi Julie Wolkoff, Wellesley, MA

Rabbi Matthew Berger, Worcester, MA

Rabbi Neal Gold, Wayland, MA

Rabbi Thomas Alpert, Franklin, MA

Rabbi Stephen Arnold, Hingham, MA

Rabbi Allison Berry, Canton, MA

Rabbi Joseph Meszler, Sharon, MA

Rabbi Julie Zupan, Sharon, MA

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, Lanesboro, MA

Cantor Martin Levson, Springfield, MA

Cantor Emily Sleeper Mekler, Longmeadow, MA

Rabbi Howard Kosovske, Salem, MA

Rabbi Shoshana Perry, Chelmsford, MA

Rabbi Miriam Philips, Tewksbury, MA

Rabbi Steven Fink, Baltimore, MD

Rabbi CraigAxler, Fulton, MD

Rabbi Gary Fink, Laurel, MD

Rabbi Elissa Sachs-Kohen, Baltimore, MD

Rabbi JerrySeidler, Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Benjamin Sharff, Owings Mills, MD

Rabbi Dr. Rhoda Silverman, Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Ruth Smith, Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Sonya Starr, Columbia, MD

Rabbi Donald R Berlin, Saint Michaels, MD

Rabbi Arnold Bienstock, Salisb, MD

Rabbi Bruce Kahn, Silver Spring, MD

Rabbi Leila Gal Berner, Rockville, MD

Rabbi JonathanCohen, Greenbelt, MD

Rabbi Michael Feshbach, North Potomac, MD

Rabbi Doug Heifetz, Laurel, MD

Rabbi AlisonKobey, Damascus, MD

Rabbi Michael Namath, Potomac, MD

Rabbi Laura Rappaport, Brookeville, MD

Rabbi RobertSaks, University Park, MD

Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb, Bethesda, MD

Rabbi Gerald Serotta, Chevy Chase, MD

Rabbi Susan Shankman, Potomac, MD

Rabbi Dan Sikowitz, North Potomac, MD

Rabbi Eric Stark, Chevy Chase, MD

Rabbi Stephen Weisman, Bowie, MD

Rabbi Deborah Cohen, Rockville, MD

Rabbi Ari Goldstein, Arnold, MD

Cantor Rosalie Boxt, Rockville, MD

Rabbi Darah Lerner, Bangor, ME

Rabbi Hillel Katzir, Auburn, ME

Rabbi William Leffler, Kennebunkport, ME

Rabbi Jared Saks, South Portland, ME

Rabbi Harold Loss, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Rabbi Michael Moskowitz, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Rabbi Daniel Schwartz, West Bloomfield, MI

Rabbi Ariana Silverman, Detroit, MI

Rabbi Jason Miller, W. Bloomfield, MI

Rabbi Joseph Klein, Oak Park, MI

Rabbi Amy Bigman, East Lansing, MI

Rabbi Karen Companez, Flint, MI

Rabbi David Freedman, Rochester, MN

Rabbi Norman Cohen, Minnetonka, MN

Rabbi Sim Glaser, Minneapolis, MN

Cantor Scott Buckner, Minnetonka, MN

Rabbi Shosh Dworsky, St. Paul, MN

Rabbi AmyEilberg, Mendota Heights, MN

Rabbi Emma Kippley-Ogman, Mendota Heights, MN

Rabbi Michael Adam Latz, Minneapolis, MN

Rabbi Lynn Liberman, Mendota Heights, MN

Rabbi David Locketz, Minnetonka, MN

Rabbi Avi Olitzky, Saint Louis Park, MN

Cantor Jennifer Seeger, Plymouth, MN

Rabbi Alan Shavit-Lonstein, Saint Paul, MN

Cantor Arthur Shragg, New Hope, MN

Rabbi MelissaSimon, Minneapolis, MN

Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker, Mendota Heights, MN

Cantor Rachel Spilker, St. Paul, MN

Rabbi Sharon Stiefel, St Paul, MN

Cantor Jennifer Strauss-Klein, St. Paul, MN

Rabbi Adam Titcher, Minnetonka, MN

Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman, Minneapolis, MN

Rabbi David Steinberg, Duluth, MN

Rabbi Mark Shook, St. Louis, MO

Rabbi Jeffrey Stiffman, St. Louis, MO

Rabbi Debra Kassoff, Jackson, MS

Rabbi Barbara Block, Billings, MT

Rabbi Paul Sidlofsky, Wilmington, NC

Rabbi Robert Waxman, Wilmington, NC

Rabbi Batsheva Meiri, Asheville, NC

Rabbi Jonathan Freirich, Matthews, NC

Rabbi Michael Shields, Davidson, NC

Rabbi Lucy Dinner, Raleigh, NC

Rabbi JohnFriedman, Durham, NC

RabbiSteven Kirschner, Durham, NC

RabbiAri Margolis, Raleigh, NC

Rabbi Eric Solomon, Raleigh, NC

Rabbi Fred Guttman, Greensboro, NC

Rabbi Andy Koren, Greensboro, NC

Rabbi Dr. Laurence Milder, Greensboro, NC

Rabbi Craig Lewis, Lincoln, NE

Rabbi Barry Krieger, Greenland, NH

Cantor Claire Metzger, Bow, NH

Rabbi Robin Nafshi, Concord, NH

Cantor Shira Nafshi, Concord, NH

Rabbi Victor Appell, Metuchen, NJ

Rabbi Donna Kirshbaum, Princeton, NJ

Rabbi Michael Fessler, Sewell, NJ

Rabbi Micah Peltz, Cherry Hill, NJ

Rabbi Ellie Miller, South Orange, NJ

Cantor Orna Green, Teaneck, NJ

Rabbi Daniel Cohen, Boonton, NJ

Cantor Jacqueline Marx, Manalapan, NJ

Rabbi Cy Stanway, Wayside, NJ

Rabbi Donald Weber, Morganville, NJ

Rabbi Daniel Allen, South Orange, NJ

Rabbi Neal Borovitz, River Edge, NJ

Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, Livingston, NJ

Rabbi Kenneth Emert, Franklin Lakes, NJ

Rabbi Paula Feldstein, Demarest, NJ

Rabbi Laurence Groffman, Montclair, NJ

Rabbi Rachel Hertzman, Montclair, NJ

Rabbi Dennis Math, Jersey City, NJ

Cantor Charles Romalis, Wayne, NJ

Rabbi Rachel Steiner, Ridgewood, NJ

Rabbi David Widzer, Haworth, NJ

Rabbi Joel N Abraham, Scotch Plains, NJ

Cantor Anna Berman, Warren, NJ

Cantor Galit Dadoun-Cohen, Morristown, NJ

Rabbi Susan Falk, Belle Mead, NJ

Rabbi Avi Friedman, Summit, NJ

Rabbi Gordon Gladstone, D.D., Springfield, NJ

Rabbi EllenGreenspan, Randolph, NJ

Rabbi Charles Kroloff, Westfield, NJ

Rabbi Randi Musnitsky, Warren, NJ

Rabbi Ari Rosenberg, Springfield, NJ

Rabbi Doug Sagal, Westfield, NJ

Cantor Darcie Sharlein, Fanwood, NJ

Rabbi Mary Zamore, Westfield, NJ

Rabbi David Levy, Succasunna, NJ

Rabbi Shira Stern, Morganville, NJ

Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld, Albequerque, NM

Rabbi Paul Citrin, Albuquerque, NM

Rabbi Gerald Kane, Las Cruces, NM

Rabbi Larry Karol, Las Cruces, NM

Rabbi Myra Soifer, Reno, NV

Rabbi Rachel Esserman, Endwell, NY

Rabbi Barbara Goldman-Wartell, Binghamton, NY

Cantor RichardRosenfield, Ithaca, NY

Rabbi Larry Freedman, Newburgh, NY

Rabbi SheldonZimmerman, East Hampton, NY

Rabbi Carole Balin, New York, NY

Rabbi Shelley Becker, New York, NY

Cantor Suzanne Bernstein, Staten Island, NY

Rabbi Kenneth Brickman, New York, NY

Rabbi Seth Limmer, Armonk, NY

RabbiMarla Feldman, New York, NY

RabbiRobynFryer Bodzin, Flushing, NY

RabbiKim Geringer, New York, NY

RabbiLeora Kaye, New York, NY

RabbiEllenLippmann, Brooklyn, NY

CantorAndrea Rae Markowicz, New York, NY

RabbiMichael Mellen, New York, NY

RabbiLisaRubin, New York, NY

RabbiSara Sapadin, New York, NY

RabbiCharles Savenor, New York, NY

RabbiJoelSoffin, New York, NY

CantorJoseeWolff, Floral Park, NY

RabbiElizabeth Wood, Forest Hills, NY

RabbiAlexLazarus-Klein, Amherst, NY

CantorGailHirschenfang, Poughkeepsie, NY

RabbiDaniel Polish, Poughkeepsie, NY

RabbiRenaBlumenthal, New Paltz, NY

Rabbi Dr.Michael Greenwald, Canton, NY

RabbiJonathan Stein, New York, NY

CantorElizabethGoldmann, Nanuet, NY

RabbiBrian Fink, Ithaca, NY

RabbiLaurie Green, Buffalo, NY

RabbiYaffa-ShiraSultan, Accord, NY

RabbiAlan Katz, Webster, NY

RabbiMara Young, White Plains, NY

RabbiJeffreyClopper, Huntington, NY

RabbiStephen Karol, Stony Brook, NY

RabbiBeth Klafter, Commack, NY

RabbiEmilyLosben-Ostrov, Bay Shore, NY

RabbiDaniel Bar-Nahum, Mineola, NY

RabbiMarci Bellows, Wantagh, NY

RabbiJudyCohen-Rosenberg, Westbury, NY

CantorClaireFranco, Port Washington, NY

RabbiLinda Goodman, Brooklyn, NY

RabbiMarcGruber, Rockville Centre, NY

RabbiGlenn Jacob, Lynbrook, NY

RabbiRandy Sheinberg, New Hyde Park, NY

RabbiElliotSkiddell, Rockville Centre, NY

RabbiMichael White, Roslyn Heights, NY

RabbiIrwin Zeplowitz, Port Washington, NY

RabbiLinaZerbarini, Lynbrook, NY

RabbiDebora Gordon, Troy, NY

RabbiLinda Motzkin, Gansevoort, NY

CantorDanaAnesi, Chappaqua, NY

CantorChaninBecker Rosen, Tarrytown, NY

RabbiMarcus Burstein, Dobbs Ferry, NY

CantorEllenDreskin, Ardsley, NY

RabbiHelene Ferris, Ossining, NY

CantorMoGlazman, White Plains, NY

CantorMargotGoldberg, Ossining, NY

RabbiHoward Goldsmith, Rye, NY

RabbiDaniel Gropper, Rye, NY

RabbiShoshanaHantman, Katonah, NY

RabbiIlene Harkavy Haigh, Mamaroneck, NY

RabbiDavid Holtz, Tarrytown, NY

RabbiEdytheMencher, Larchmont, NY

RabbiFred Schwalb, Croton-on-Hudson, NY

RabbiJoshua Strom, New York, NY

RabbiSteveGutow, New York, NY

RabbiJon Adland, Canton, OH

Rabbi Dr.Richard Sarason, Cincinnati, OH

RabbiJimStoloff, Cincinnati, OH

RabbiGerry Walter, Mason, OH

RabbiDavid M Horowitz, Akron, OH

RabbiMelindaMersack, Solon, OH

RabbiShoshana Nyer, Beachwood, OH

RabbiLauren Werber, Cleveland, OH

RabbiShawnZevit, Shaker Heights, OH

RabbiJoshua Jacobs-Velde, Boardman, OH

RabbiDaria Jacobs-Velde, Boardman, OH

RabbiKarenBodney-Halasz, Dayton, OH

RabbiDavid Sofian, Dayton, OH

RabbiJay Moses, Columbus, OH

RabbiMishaZinkow, Columbus, OH

RabbiMichael Cahana, Portland, OR

RabbiMaurice Harris, Eugene, OR

RabbiYitzhakHusbands-Hankin, Eugene, OR

RabbiAvi Winokur, Philadelphia, PA

RabbiMitchell Delcau, Doylestown, PA

RabbiJoshuaWaxman, Ft. Washington, PA

RabbiMarjorie Berman, Clarks Summit, PA

RabbiLauren Brody-Hyett, Bala Cynwyd, PA

RabbiKennethCarr, Lafayette Hill, PA

RabbiMichelle Greenfield, Philadelphia, PA

RabbiErin Hirsh, Glenside, PA

RabbiLindaHoltzman, Philadelphia, PA

RabbiBeth Janus, Philadelphia, PA

RabbiAlan LaPayover, Philadelphia, PA

RabbiMordechaiLiebling, Philadelphia, PA

RabbiJill Maderer, Philadelphia, PA

RabbiNathan Martin, Philadelphia, PA

RabbiYitzhakNates, Narberth, PA

RabbiLinda Potemken, Media, PA

RabbiAmber Powers, Abington, PA

RabbiRayzelRaphael, Melrose Park, PA

RabbiIsaac Saposnik, Philadelphia, PA

CantorKerithSpencer-Shapiro, Swarthmore, PA

RabbiReenaSpicehandler, Philadelphia, PA

RabbiJacob Staub, Philadelphia, PA

RabbiDavid Teutsch, Philadelphia, PA

Rabbinic Pastor Ellen Weaver, Elkins Park, PA

RabbiSheila Weinberg, Philadelphia, PA

RabbiHoward Stein, Pittsburgh, PA

RabbiBrianMichelson, Reading, PA

RabbiDavid Mivasair, State College, PA

RabbiDavid Ostrich, State College, PA

RabbiArtDonsky, Pittsburgh, PA

RabbiSharyn Henry, Pittsburgh, PA

RabbiAudrey Korotkin, Altoona, PA

RabbiBarbaraSymons, Monroeville, PA

CantorEllenSussman, Allentown, PA

RabbiGeorge Stern, Philadelphia, PA

Rabbi Phyllis Berman, Philadelphia, PA

Rabbi Daniel Swart, Clarks Summit, PA

Rabbi Jack Paskoff, Lancaster, PA

Rabbi David Straus, Wynnewood, PA

Rabbi Nina Mandel, Sunbury, PA

Rabbi Ron Aigen, Montreal, QC

Rabbi PeterStein, Cranston, RI

Rabbi Andrea Gouze, Providence, RI

Rabbi Emeritus James Rosenberg, Providence, RI

Rabbi Stephanie Alexander, Charleston, SC

Rabbi Emeritus Robert Seigel, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Rabbi Leah Doberne-Schor, Columbia, SC

Rabbi Bill S. Tepper, Chattanooga, TN

Rabbi Emeritus Harry Danziger, Germantown, TN

Cantor John Kaplan, Memphis, TN

Rabbi Philip Rice, Brentwood, TN

Rabbi Elisa Koppel, San Antonio, TX

Rabbi Emeritus Samuel Stahl, San Antonio, TX

Rabbi Rick Brody, Austin, TX

Rabbi Barry Diamond, Dallas, TX

Rabbi Stephen Fisch, Frisco, TX

Rabbi Nancy Kasten, Dallas, TX

Rabbi Neal Katz, Tyler, TX

Rabbi Mark Miller, Houston, TX

Rabbi Scott Hausman-Weiss, Houston, TX

Rabbi Pam Silk, Houston, TX

Rabbi Samantha O. Kahn, Houston, TX

Cantor Vadim Tunitsky, Houston, TX

Rabbi Gordon Fuller, Waco, TX

Rabbi Laura Harari, Waco, TX

Rabbi Barry Block, San Antonio, TX

Rabbi SueLevy, Houston, TX

Rabbi Anne Belford, Houston, TX

Rabbi Samantha Safran Bodner, Houston, TX

Rabbi JoshuaTaub, Beaumont, TX

Rabbi Larry Bach, El Paso, TX

Rabbi Sandra Bellush, El Paso, TX

Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, North Richland Hills, TX

Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman, Salt Lake City, UT

Rabbi Amy Schwartzman, Falls Church, VA

Rabbi MartinBeifield, Richmond, VA

Rabbi Rosalind Gold, Reston, VA

Rabbi Jillian Cameron, Fairfax Station, VA

Rabbi Michael Holzman, Reston, VA

Rabbi Brett Isserow, Alexandria, VA

Rabbi Esther Lederman, Arlington, VA

Cantor Allen Leider, Fairfax, VA

Rabbi Jack Moline, Alexandria, VA

Rabbi Amy Perlin, Fairfax Station, VA

Rabbi Linda Joseph, Ashburn, VA

Rabbi Stephen Moch, St. Thomas, VI

Rabbi Jordie Gerson, Winooski, VT

Rabbi Ira Schiffer, Middlebury, VT

Rabbi Michael M. Cohen, Manchester Center, VT

Rabbi Mark Glickman, Woodinville, WA

Rabbi Jay Heyman, Seattle, WA

Rabbi Jessica Marshall, Everett, WA

Rabbi Seth Goldstein, Olympia, WA

Rabbi ElizabethDunsker, Vancouver, WA

Rabbi Bruce Kadden, Tacoma, WA

Rabbi Sarah Newmark, Gig Harbor, WA

Rabbi MarnaSapsowitz, Olympia, WA

Rabbi Renee Bauer, Madison, WI

Rabbi Joshua Ben-Gideon, Madison, WI

Rabbi Irvin Ehrlich, Fitchburg, WI

Rabbi Bonnie Margulis, Madison, WI

Cantor Deborah Martin, Madison, WI

Rabbi Ronald Shapiro, Milwaukee, WI

Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman, Madison, WI

Rabbi Jessica Barolsky, Milwaukee, WI

Rabbi MarcBerkson, Milwaukee, WI

Rabbi David Brusin, Whitefish Bay, WI

Rabbi Jacob Herber, Glendale, WI

Rabbi Michael M Remson, Kenosha, WI

Rabbi James Cohn, Charleston, WV

Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman, Cheyenne, WY

The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism is the Washington office of the Union for Reform Judaism, whose more than 900 congregations across North America encompass 1.5 million Reform Jews, and the Central Conference of American Rabbis, whose membership includes more than 1,800 Reform rabbis. Visit for more information on the RAC's support of LGBT equality and inclusion.

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