December 19, 2014 · 27 Kislev

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Climate change is an issue that will have moral, social, economic, and political ramifications for centuries if we do not act. Coastal flooding and soil erosion could lead to the loss of homes. Higher temperatures could lead to more respiratory related emergency room visits. Ocean acidification could lead to blooming of invasive species like algae and jellyfish and the decimation of worldwide fisheries. According to a report released in 2006 by British economist Nicholas Stern, these changes -- as well as others -- could shrink the worldwide economy by nearly 20%, sending the world into another great depression. Stern lamented in late 2012 that his estimates were way off, and the crisis is worse than he projected in his report. Everyone is drawn to the issue of climate change for different reasons and it is important to explain to your elected official what has caused you to take notice.

It is also important to tell your elected officials how you became aware of the importance of climate action. Did you read an interesting report? Did you install compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs during Hanukkah?

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