December 20, 2014 · 28 Kislev

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A Prayer for Prayer

O My God
My soul's companion
My heart's precious friend
I turn to You. 
I need to close out the noise
To rise above the noise
The noise that interrupts -
The noise that separates -
The noise that isolates.
I need to hear You again.
In the silence of my innermost being,
In the fragments of my yearned-for wholeness,
I hear whispers of Your presence -
Echoes of the past when You were with me
When I felt Your nearness
When together we walked -
When You held me close, embraced me in Your
love, laughed with me in my joy.
I yearn to hear You again.
In your oneness, I find healing.
In the promise of Your love, I am soothed.
In Your wholeness, I too can become whole again. 
Please listen to my call-
help me find the words
help me find the strength within
help me shape my mouth, my voice, my heart
so that I can direct my spirit and find You in prayer
In words only my heart can speak
In songs only my soul can sing
Lifting my eyes and heart to You.
Adonai S'fatai Tiftach -open my lips, precious God,
so that I can speak with You again.

(Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman)

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