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The Sudan Divestment Task Force is a project of the Genocide Intervention Network. It is actively involved in dozens of successful and developing targeted Sudan divestment campaigns around the world at the university, asset manager, city, state, and national levels. The Task Force has developed a unique approach to shareholder engagement and divestment, focusing its efforts on the most egregiously offending companies in Sudan. Resources on the website include a mutual fund investment screening tool, information about state and local campaigns, and recent news on divestment.

The Fidelity Out of Sudan campaign focuses its efforts on pressuring Fidelity to divest its holdings of companies doing business in Sudan, whose holdings in these shares has recently increased and is the largest holder of shares of PetroChina, an oil company largely invested in Sudan.

American Jewish World Service provides information and opportunities to contact the legislature in your state to advocate for targeted divestment.

STANDprovides divestment resources for students at the high school and university levels.

Investors Against Genocide focuses on advocacy directed at specific investment firms to divest funds from the major oil companies that do business with the government of Sudan and are complicit in the genocidal activitiy occurring in Darfur.

Universities Should Divest from Sudan,” by Samantha Power and John Prendergast. International Crisis Group, May 10 2005.
Harvard University recently announced its decision to divest itself of stock in a major subsidiary of China National Petroleum Company, PetroChina Ltd., due to that company's ties to the government of Sudan. Although President Clinton enacted sanctions in 1997 that prohibited trade and financial transactions between U.S. companies and Sudan, the Sudanese government maintains economic and commercial ties with numerous multinational companies. The oil sector in particular is lucrative business for Sudan, and the regime draws on oil revenue and other investments to purchase the weapons used against its own civilians in Darfur.

Harvard’s decision to divest followed an extensive review process. After examining its investment portfolio, Harvard’s Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility (ACSR) encouraged Harvard Management Company to divest its stock in PetroChina Ltd. China is one of the Sudanese government’s strongest allies and the Chinese government has worked assiduously to block multilateral actions to sanction the regime and stop the killing.

A publicly announced review of your investment portfolio, to see if action similar to Harvard's is appropriate at this time, would send a clear message to the companies involved and to the Government of Sudan that you will not support those who profit from the atrocities committed in Darfur.”

Death by Dollars,” by Nicholas D. Kristof.The New York Times, February 11, 2007.
“So I'm against economic sanctions in almost every case. But Sudan is an exception, a rare instance where narrowly focused divestment makes practical as well as moral sense.

So in this case pressure on a small number of foreign companies could help get Sudan's attention, and that of its protectors in China, without hurting ordinary people. And Sudan has shown that it can be nudged and embarrassed into behaving better: the best example is the way that pressure (including economic sanctions) led Sudan's leaders to end their brutal war in southern Sudan in 2005.

It's not a sure thing. But remember that in Darfur and Chad, aid workers -- some of them Americans -- are being killed, raped and beaten as they try to alleviate the slaughter. So shouldn't we make the minimal sacrifice of divestment, rather than blithely continue to invest in ways that provide grenades and guns to kill aid workers and Darfuris alike?”

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