December 20, 2014 · 28 Kislev

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Information for Congregations Looking to Divest
Information and materials for congregations looking to see if their funds are invested in objectionable companies and options available for divestment.

We understand that both individual and endowment funds are often invested in mutual funds, not specific stocks, which are managed by financial advisors. Decisions cannot always be made to divest from individual companies. If this is the case, there is a screening tool available that allows you to see a detailed report of your mutual fund's record on Sudan investments.

Divestment from mutual funds is very difficult right now, as very few Sudan-free alternatives exist. However, you can aid in the creation of such funds by writing to your asset managers and relaying your concerns to your financial advisors and asking them to create Sudan-free investment options. You can ask your mutual fund manager to dissociate from genocide by screening out Highest Offending companies in the fund.

Most major mutual fund companies also offer mutual funds for investment that do not have exposure to offending companies. There are some Socially Responsible Investment firms that ensure that none of their mutual funds includes these problematic companies.

Tell your fund manager about the situation in Darfur and the reliance of the Khartoum government on foreign investments to fund the atrocities. Remind them that targeted divestment aims to maximally impact a government extremely vulnerable to economic pressure, while minimizing any potential harm to both Sudanese civilians and investment returns. A sample letter can be found in these resources or contact RAC Legislative Assistant Allison Grossman for talking points.

A report and listing of the Highest Offending companies can be obtained by contacting the Sudan Divestment Taskforce.

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