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Sample Bulletin Article - Rabbi Fred Guttman, Greensboro, NC

Text Study - Reacting to a World at War, Union for Reform Judaism

World Conflict - The URJ has a page of resources that includes suggestions for creating a caring community, reflecting on war through worship, and educating children.

Community Action Guide - Use this guide to foster dialogue in your community

What Congregations Can Do
Consider holding a forum for your synagogue and/or broader community to discuss or debate what the U.S. and Canada should do in Iraq and what the consequences are for particular Jewish concerns. This might be an informal discussion e.g. at the end of services (either on its own or following a sermon on the subject); the program of the next meetings of your affiliates; a special open discussion convened by the social action committee; or a discussion at your next board meeting. It might be a more formal program, taking the form of inviting one or more experts from your congregation or community or elected officials to discuss or debate these issues.

Alternatively, make use of other tools, including email and your congregational bulletin and website to invite input from your congregants.

If you are able to have such discussions prior to March 12th, please send us feedback as to interesting ideas you think the Executive Committee should consider and your sense of where the consensus views of your congregants might be pertaining to the resolution. If you program is after March 12th, we urge you to do so for its own sake. Across the nation, churches and synagogues are changing their schedules to allow for such discussions and programs. We hope our synagogues will find an appropriate way to participate in the national debate now taking place.

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