December 20, 2014 · 28 Kislev

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Clean Water Legislation
Water issues that may be considered in the 112th Congress.

There are a number of Clean Water issues that may be considered in the 112th Congress:

The Clean Water Restoration Act

Recent Supreme Court decisions have eroded the Clean Water Act by limiting protection to waterways that are deemed "navigable." This means many waterways, like wetlands and tributaries, are now unprotected. These waters are extremely important, as they filter drinking water, weaken storms, and provide homes to countless plant and animal species. These smaller waterways are also often connected to the larger waterways that remain protected under the Clean Water Act. In response to these court decisions, during the 111th Congress, several members of Congress pushed to pass the Clean Water Restoration Act, a bill designed to (as its name suggests) restore the Clean Water Act to its original strength by ensuring that all our vital waters are protected. Unfortunately, the bill never came to vote.

Currently the Obama Administration is considering issuing new guidelines and regulations to protect some of the waterways that are now unprotected. Nonetheless, a comprehensive bill, like the Clean Water Restoration Act, would allow for the permanent protection of America’s vital waterways from pollution.


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