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Position of the Reform Jewish Movement
Read the URJ and CCAR resolutions concerning endangered species and learn more about COEJL’s Operation Noah Campaign.

The URJ and the CCAR passed strong resolutions in 1991 and 1996, respectively, affirming that the Jewish community's commitment to protecting endangered species has both practical and religious significance. They advocate conservation of plant and animal species through:

  • recognition of the principle role habitat preservation plays in species conservation;
  • preservation of threatened species recovery goals and continued listing of endangered species by the Secretary of the Interior; and
  • maintenance of public lands, parks, and refuges with the original objective of land conservation and public recreation use.

Consistent with these resolutions, COEJL, a coalition representing the environmental interests of nearly two dozen major Jewish organizations, launched a grassroots campaign, Operation Noah: Defending God's Endangered Creatures. The campaign was developed to maintain the Covenant God made with Noah, "and with [his children] after him, and with every living creature...of the birds, of the cattle, and of every wild animal of the earth with you." (Genesis 9:9).

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